The Daily: US Museum to Accept Bitcoin, Estonia Grants License to B2BX Exchange

In today’s edition of The Daily, we report on the latest U.S. museum to open up to cryptocurrency payments, as well as several new lawsuits that have been filed over simjacking. Additionally, the government of Estonia has granted a license to B2BX Exchange, which will allow the company to attract traders from across Europe.

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Science Museum to Take Bitcoin Payments

The Daily: US Museum to Accept Bitcoin, Estonia Grants License to B2BX ExchangeGreat Lakes Science Center, an engineering and technology museum in Cleveland, Ohio, has told local media outlets that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments on Nov. 13. The educational center is integrating Bitpay into its payments system for ticket sales ahead of a blockchain conference that will be held at the facility in December.

“Accepting bitcoin is just a small part of the momentum to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland,” stated Kirsten Ellenbogen, president and CEO of Great Lakes Science Center. “Last year we launched our mobile app that uses augmented and virtual reality to allow guests to experiment with flames in space and test spacecraft designs re-entering Earth’s atmosphere when they visit the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, and now they’ll be able to use their phone to pay for their admission using Bitcoin.”

Estonia Grants License to B2BX Exchange

The Daily: US Museum to Accept Bitcoin, Estonia Grants License to B2BX ExchangeB2BX Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange developed by forex solutions provider B2broker, announced today that it has received approval for a regulatory license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The company explained that it applied for a license in Estonia due to the country’s track record of openness to new technologies. Under the regulations the exchange will be expected to follow strict KYC procedures, but in return users will get increased daily limits on deposits and withdrawals, as well as access to fiat currencies via bank transfers and major payments providers.

“I have long been a proponent of regulation which I believe will promote further the adoption of cryptocurrency usage and cryptocurrency trading,” commented Arthur Azizov, CEO and founder of B2broker. “Our users will be able to benefit from an enhanced level of protection, safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with a world-leading, regulated cryptocurrency exchange.”

The Daily: US Museum to Accept Bitcoin, Estonia Grants License to B2BX Exchange

Florida Law Firm Files Simjacking Lawsuits

The Daily: US Museum to Accept Bitcoin, Estonia Grants License to B2BX ExchangeSilver Miller, a Florida-headquartered law firm, said on Thursday that it recently filed a number of arbitration claims against both AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of cryptocurrency holders who have fallen victim to simjacking. The firm revealed it already represents one AT&T client who was robbed of more than $600,000 in cryptocurrency, as well as two T-Mobile clients who respectively lost $400,000 and $250,000 in cryptocurrency due to simjacking.

“By leaving holes in their security protocols and failing to properly train and monitor their employees, cellphone providers have assisted thieves in remotely taking over the SIM cards in people’s smartphones,” the law firm explained. It also called on anyone else who has been a victim of simjacking to join its legal efforts against the phone companies that enabled it.

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