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The Daily: Coinbase Launches Bundles, Coinswitch Supports Trading Without Account

Crypto exchange Coinbase will present its clients with the option to buy bundles of multiple cryptocurrencies and access useful information about leading digital coins. Also in The Daily on Friday, users of exchange aggregator Coinswitch can now take advantage of the best rates across multiple platforms without the need to create an account, Neo launches bug bounty program, and Bitmain sells Decred miner.  

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Coinbase Offers Info on Leading Cryptos, Launches Coinbase Bundle

The Daily: Coinbase Launches Bundles, Coinswitch Supports Trading Without AccountThis week, US-based crypto trading platform Coinbase, known for its conservative approach to adding new coins, shared plans to increase the number of its offerings, as reported. Now the company has announced it’s launching Coinbase Bundle, a basket of cryptocurrencies investors will be able to acquire for as little as $25. Customers will have the opportunity to buy, sell and transfer the cryptos that will be stored in individual wallets. The Bundle, designed to provide fast and easy exposure to the crypto market, will be available to verified Coinbase users in the United States and Europe within a few weeks.

The San Francisco-headquartered exchange has also recently announced it will offer its customers detailed information about the 50 leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The service will feature descriptions of the coins, links to their white papers and project websites, historical trading data, and the current marketcap, The Verge reported. The platform will also provide a comprehensive introduction to digital assets in its educational section known as Coinbase Learn, after admitting that “What is cryptocurrency?” is still the most common question asked by potential clients.

Coinswitch Users Trade on Multiple Exchanges Without Accounts

The Daily: Coinbase Launches Bundles, Coinswitch Supports Trading Without AccountA new aggregation tool offers investors the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies on a number of leading platforms including Changelly, Idex, Hitbtc and Kucoin, and they don’t even need to create an account. With Coinswitch, traders are able to find the best exchange rates, which is an automated process, before they commit to a crypto-to-crypto transaction. The service is non-custodial and holders of the digital assets will only have to provide the addresses of the respective wallets to start trading their coins.

The interface also allows users to create a customized crypto exchange by adding a trading widget to their websites with zero code required, Sludgefeed reported. These platforms will be earning up to 50 percent of the revenues from all trades conducted via Coinswitch which also offers a referral program rewarding participants with another 25 percent paid in bitcoin core (BTC). Its developers claim that more than 100 sites have already integrated the service. According to the report, the project has the backing of some serious venture capital investors such as Sequoia.

Neo Announces Bug Bounty Program

The Daily: Coinbase Launches Bundles, Coinswitch Supports Trading Without AccountBlockchain project Neo, which like Ethereum offers a platform for smart contacts and coin offerings, has recently launched a Vulnerability Bounty Program (VBP). In an announcement posted on Medium and shared on Twitter, the team has invited security experts from different sectors to join the initiative and take part in the development of the Neo ecosystem.

All eligible reports will be investigated and the base bounty amounts will depend on the severity of the issues. Detecting a critical bug – one that can lead to substantial asset losses – will be rewarded with up to $10,000 USD. Neo is ready to pay up to $5,000 for finding vulnerabilities that can cause network failures and up to $2,000 for bugs leading to a single node failure. The bounty for the discovery of low risks can go below $500. The rewards will be distributed in the equivalent amount of NEO, the platform’s native coin.

Bitmain Starts Shipping New Decred Miner

The Daily: Coinbase Launches Bundles, Coinswitch Supports Trading Without AccountBitmain, the Chinese mining hardware producer, has announced the launch of its Antminer DR3 designed to process transactions for the Decred cryptocurrency. Decred (DCR), which is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain consensus protocol, is currently ranking 30th by market cap, with a capitalization of over $333 million at the time of writing.

The new device mines DCR with a hashrate of 7.8 TH/s and power consumption of a little over 1,400 watts, the mining giant tweeted. The Antminer DR3 can already be ordered on Bitmain’s website and it’s currently sold for $673. The company will start shipping the miners from the first batch on October 8 for fully paid orders and on a first-paid-first-ship basis.

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