Storj Labs Added To Microsoft Azure And Launches Beta


Storj Launches in Beta, Added to Microsoft Azure

The past few days have been pretty exciting for the Storj team, as they became a part of the Microsoft Azure blockchain-as-a-service platform. Moreover, Storj Labs released the public beta of the Storj platform yesterday, which allows people to get a more hands-on approach with this concept.

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Storj Labs Blockchain-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure

Digital currency enthusiasts will have noticed how Microsoft Azure is building out their blockchain-as-a-service on a continual basis. Several new partnerships have been forged in recent weeks, bringing distributed ledger technology to developers and enterprises all over the world.

A few days ago, Storj Labs announced how they have become a partner of the Microsoft Azure blockchain-as-service ecosystem. This news gives developers around the global a powerful tool to pull and push data to their applications in a more efficient and decentralized manner. All of this data is shared among Storj users who offer their unused disk space in exchange for compensation in digital currency.

Shawn Wilkinson, Storj Labs CEO, told

We were connected by the Augur guys, who highly recommend Microsoft Azure BaaS, and said it was a really easy process. We already have a couple enterprises that we are currently working closely with right now and focusing our attention on. We see Azure as a playground for any enterprises to try us out, before really getting involved with us.

It is a positive trend to see Microsoft Azure keep a strong focus on the blockchain ecosystem. Accelerating collaboration and innovation in the world of distributed ledgers will help revolutionize other markets as well. In the case of Storj, that market revolves around the decentralization of cloud storage.

Beta Launch of Platform Microsoft Azure Storj Labs

The second piece of big news came in the form of Storj Labs announcing the beta launch of the platform. Digital currency enthusiasts all over the world have been anxiously waiting for this announcement, as the open source project has been around for quite some time now. Having the option to “spend” unused disk space to help decentralize cloud storage and get rewarded for doing so with digital currency is of great appeal.

Wilkinson shared his excitement about this beta release:

The long wait for our community is now over! We are delighted to release our beta platform to our community and see real world applications of the technology. The first apps have already been created on Storj, and we expect many more soon.

For the time being, accessing this beta is only possible through an invitation. Users can sign up on the platform to obtain beta access, although invites are sent out on a  first come, first served basis. However, the Storj Labs team announced they are planning to open up the beta to the public after the initial testing phase has completed.

What does to the future hold for and Storj Labs? Let us know in the comments below!


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