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Stanford University Launches Bitcoin Security Education Course

The growing need for professionals in the digital currency industry has motivated the Stanford University to launch a course focused on cybersecurity and digital currencies like Bitcoin. Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends (CS251) is the new course taught by Boneh in the Cyber Security certificate program. The course is scheduled to launch in September.

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Stanford_University_article_cover_BitcoinStanford’s new course is part of the university’s Cyber Security certificate program. The overall curriculum of the course provides a professional, technical and policy view of the challenges created by rapid advancements in information technology.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development makes it possible for today’s best and brightest professionals to enroll in Stanford University courses and programs while they maintain their careers.  Courses and programs from the School of Engineering and related Stanford departments are delivered online so that learners can enjoy flexibility and convenience when taking the course while enabling them to apply their education to their work.

Since the beginning Bitcoin has attracted plenty of discussion about security in and around the hacker community and the Stanford University saw the perfect opportunity to launch the new course. New to this academic year at Stanford, Dan Boneh will be lecturing a course on the subject and extending it online to professionals enrolled in Stanford’s Cyber Security Graduate Certificate program.


Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science at the Stanford School of Engineering, is co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Laboratory and participated in the 2015 White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection. Boneh commented:

“Stanford is actively working to address the world’s cyber security challenges. It’s an exciting time to study with us and gain vital skills needed for today’s cyber workforce. The technology behind bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be an indispensable tool for protecting information”

Students enrolled in Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends course are required to complete homework assignments, projects, and take exams as required of all students during a 10-week quarter period.

A free webinar to preview the online program took place before the beginning of the course. During the webinar, Professor Boneh discussed recent developments in crypto currency and computer security. The discussion was focused on his research and on how to build security mechanisms that can be very easy to use and deploy, by taking an interdisciplinary approach in the process.

Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends will be part of a curriculum that provides a professional, technical and policy view of the challenges created by rapid advancements in information technology.

Following the University of Nicosia, Stanford University becomes The second Professional digital currency related course. Details about the online certification program can be found at

Are you interested in all the opportunities for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education being offered and what else do you feel needs to be done?

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