Spells of Genesis: On the Cusp of Mainstream Success?


Spells of Genesis: On the Cusp of Mainstream Success?

The first digital trading card game to utilize blockchain technology, Spells of Genesis (SoG), is receiving some good news before its mid-September launch, seeing both positive reviews from both the gaming community and the crypto world.

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Replayability: Spells of Genesis’ Hidden Key to the Mainstream

There has been a positive response to the game, with Tyson O’Ham, video game writer and reviewer at The Stoned Gamer, saying that Spells of Genesis offers content that gives people a reason to stay with the game.

According to the press release, the game’s developers consider this replayability key to the game’s mainstream adoption.

The press release also examined successes of popular mainstream moSpells of Genesisbile games and how they have compared to more recent Bitcoin-related games that have made it big.

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The analysis points to some key differences between games like Temple Run and Sarutobi, which seem to verify the initial conjecture about the importance of replayability.

The press release’s analysis goes into some stats showing that while bitcoin-related games like Sarutobi and Bitcoin Billionaire have obtained brief popularity, games like Temple Run and Angry Birds have been able to sustain their success over a long period of time.

It suggests that Bitcoin-focused games tend to have a problem with repetitiveness, an issue that Sarutobi and Bitcoin Billionaire both share, according to EverdreamSoft.

This is in stark contrast to Angry Birds or Temple Run 2, both of which regularly update content by adding new levels, features and expansions. Thus, even if the core mechanics of these games are somewhat repetitive, their content never gets old, which keeps the game interesting for their users well into the future.

Community Feedback Reinforces High Expectations

SoG claims to solve the perceived problem of staleness that apparently plagues other blockchain and bitcoin-based mobile games. The game will EverdreamSoftbe constantly updated, developers told press, with new content aimed at retaining its audience.

Talking about his own experience with SoG, Tyson O’Ham said that the game’s difficulty after the introductory stage was enough in itself to keep him interested after multiple retries.

Additionally, the crypto world also had high praise for the game, as many in the community seem to be excited for the game’s launch and are rooting for it to become a big hit.

Will Healthy Funding Make for a Successful Game?

SoG surpassed its initial fundraising goal of 730 BTC by the end of its token sale, raising 240 BTC in the first 2 hours and 630 in the first 3 days.

By completing their fundraising goal so early it allowed EverdreamSoft to set extended goals requiring them to add features like PVP and smart contracts to the game.

Eventually, they ended up raising 934.13 BTC during the token sale. Additionally, they had raised 40 BTC worth of BitCrystals during the pre-sale, thus bringing them to a total of 974.13 BTC altogether.

What do you think of Spells of Genesis’ focus on replayability? Will this tactic bring bitcoin and blockchain-based gaming into the mainstream?

Images courtesy of Spells of Genesis, EverDreamSoft.

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