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Safello exchange is trying to make the bitcoin experience more user friendly

In a new video published today by the Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello, they outline how the multi-service platform is looking to make the bitcoin and blockchain experience more user friendly.

Safello, which provides different services such as their exchange (brokerage), wallet, and crowdfunding pages, is attempting to reinvent their service by adding identity as a layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain creating an easier to understand experience that more people are accustomed to; think of Facebook for your bitcoin wallet.

This may be a controversial topic, as many people that use bitcoin currently enjoy having a pseudonymous cryptocurrency to use that isn’t easily tied to any one identity. Some developers are working to protect this very thing, creating new features and tools for enhanced privacy and security. However, some people may not care to much for privacy, as it’s easier not to (out of sight, out of mind). There are always two sides to every argument.

Frank Schuil recently said in an interview that he hopes it will become easier for users to have fiat currency wallets next to cryptocurrency wallets on the same interface, providing transaction streams in any denomination, powered by bitcoin.

No matter what side of the argument you fall on, startups working to make bitcoin easier to use is something to be applauded. And it’s optional, as for example with Safello, you can choose to use their services or not.

Startups in this space should be learning and working with each other, for the common good to make bitcoin easier to use, to build new tools and services to build a bigger ecosystem. Users can pick and choose what they want from there.

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