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A Safe Guide for Bitcoin Travelers Visiting Ukraine

This guide can be helpful for you when visiting the beautiful country of Ukraine. While doing so, you’ll need trusted bitcoin exchanges, where you can convert digital money to local currency. This article shows you my personal TOP 3 exchanges list. And also: did you already searched DuckDuckGo for a list of interesting places? Don’t worry — you will be provided with a short TOP 3 list of best places to attend in Ukraine while travelling.

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How to Exchange Bitcoins to Local Currency

In Ukraine, there are no strict laws about using Bitcoin — authorities seem to be indifferent. However, if you use cryptocurrencies, there is no guarantee that you will receive help from the police if somebody steals your coins. So, when visiting any country with no clear government position on digital currency, you need to find safe ways of selling or buying bitcoins.

Bitcoin Exchanges

There are many bitcoin exchanges in Ukraine. Here are my personal TOP 3 Ukrainian Bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges are worth using, with almost 100% security. For all the other exchanges, use at your own risk.


This exchange is ultra fast and solid. It allows you to create a personal account with no personal data needed. You can exchange your bitcoins and BTC-E-USD codes to hryvnia; While your request is being processed, you can track it in your profile.


Usually, the exchange works in automatic mode. You will get money in 2 to 20 minutes on your debit or credit card. This exchange is the fastest in the whole country at the moment.

When selling bitcoins, you type in your card number (0% fee when using PrivatBank card) — no other information is needed. This exchange has received lots of good feedback on Russian Bitcoin forums.

Lets see, how can you buy or sell bitcoins here. First — create an account:


Second, enter your email, password, and confirm your password:


After your account is set up, you can hit the lower right button to sell coins:


Type in the amount of bitcoins in dollars, and lookat  how much money it shows in UAH (грн.) and bitcoin.


Then click the large blue button, and you will get an address for a transaction ( the amount of coins to be sent is in bold):


When buying bitcoins, you simply push the lower left button on the main page, which brings up a different menu.



  1. You enter the amount in dollars into the 1st field
  2. Enter your wallet address (or your standard will be used)
  3. Choose your method of payment: Privat card (0%); other card (3%); Liqpay (0%);
  4. Hit the blue button



That’s all, you’ll be prompted to pay via Liqpay or PrivatBank card:


If you choose Liqpay, then youll have to walk to a bank terminal and make a payment to your special temporary Liqpay address. If you choose Privat, you’ll have to deal with your local bank’s online service.


This exchange has worked for more than 3 years, and has a very good reputation. It uses mobile terminals for selling bitcoins. If you need to sell bitcoins with this exchange, the transaction to your card will take 2 to 6 hours. Although you’ll need to wait for a long time, you will probably get the best bitcoin price offer here.

Fortunately, they have an English version of their site, so it won’t be a big problem for you or your local friend to exchange coins.


Yep, you can use good old LocalBitcoins, but you will probably lose some money on seller’s fees. LocalBitcoins is a valuable tool when you are arriving at Kyiv and are in need of cash. In other cases, use exchanges and local banks, or ask your friends to help you while travelling.

Better Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price matters, and every day it may be a little bit different. If you want to get the best offer, you need to compare exchanges. But remember: the faster you get the order done, the more you will have to pay for this speed. In general, all mentioned exchanges work fine and have adequate pricing. You may use any, depending on how fast you want the transaction to be completed. Also, if you have a really big volume of bitcoins to exchange, say, 30 BTC, then I strongly advise to use all of them by giving each 1/3 of the sum.

Where to go?

Kyiv-nightYou definitely don’t want to go to the Donetsk or Lugansk regions, or Crimea. Local political affairs are ongoing there. Instead, it is better to visit the western part of the country, Kyiv and Odessa.

The Ukrainian capital is always a cool place to visit. You can meet the strangest people in the country on its streets. Plan your trip to Kyiv and enjoy its eastern Europe atmosphere.

You can also go to Odessa, a capital of humour, and dive into its night life.


There are many notable castles in Western Ukraine. See, for example, Podgoreckii Zamok, situated near Lviv, in Podgorcy village. Search for amazing places all over Karpaty and make some notes.

The city of Lviv would be the best choice to start or end your travels, depending on how much chocolate and really good coffee you want at the beginning or the end. I’ve never been to Lviv, but the only coffee on Ukrainian market I can buy is Coffee from Lviv — it tastes much better than any foreign coffee, even the contraband ones.

Look on the web and choose what place interests you. I’ve searched several English-language tourist websites made by local English copywriters, and they seem to be pretty relevant.

Have you ever traveled to Ukraine? Let us know in the comments below!

Karpaty photo taken by Volodymyr Vodyanii

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