Run Your Own Bitcoin Computer With The 21 Inc Software Package


Run Your Own Bitcoin Computer with 21 Inc Software Package

21 Inc wants to turn every single computer in the world into a Bitcoin Computer. This is quite an ambitious plan and a new announcement from 21 software sheds some light on how the company wants to achieve this goal.

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21 Inc Has Major Bitcoin Computer Goals

Bitcoin Computer 21 Inc.

A lot of people were both surprised and shocked when 21 Inc unveiled their Bitcoin Computer last year. Various Bitcoin enthusiasts expected a lot more from this company, considering the record amount of money they had raised in the previous months. A $400 USD Bitcoin Computer, which mines a small amount of cryptocurrency was not what most people envisioned.

But it became clear shortly after this product was about much more than just Bitcoin mining. In fact, the Bitcoin Computer became a universal and portable device for Bitcoin development, and some interesting projects have been created since.

Now 21 Inc has announced their software package. During the Consensus 2016 event, 21 Inc CEO Balaji Srinivasan told the attendees how his company wants to turn every computer into a Bitcoin Computer. Rather than building a new computer model – for now – the company created a 21 software package, which lets anyone in the world become part of the Bitcoin network.

As one would come to expect from such a software solution, the 21 software package connects users with the 21 Marketplace and provides virtually the same type of functionality, which was previously only attainable by Bitcoin Computer users. Moreover, users will be able to receive Bitcoin payments, which is an integral part in growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He added:

The concept is a web where machines are earning bitcoin on every HTTP request. Every time you load a webpage is a HTTP request. That’s a lot of HTTP requests. If you are earning bitcoin on every HTTP request, that could be a lot of earned bitcoins. Digital paywalls are an interesting example, as you either need to sign up for the paywall or you are paying Google ad based microtransactions.

But the 21 software package can be used in many different ways as well, ranging from mining cryptocurrency to using Bitcoin faucets, or even creating a service that will make payments as part of the Internet of Things. Introducing micropayments will be a significant use-case for Bitcoin as a currency, and all of the projects can be resold to other users on the 21 Marketplace.

Bitcoin computer 21Perhaps the biggest appeal of this software package is how users would be able to set up different rates for various types of users. For example, family members get free access to a guest WiFi network at your home, whereas friends would pay a tiny amount of bitcoin to enjoy high-speed connectivity. Users running their own mobile hotspots would be able to monetize their unused bandwidth this way.

Interested parties can sign up for the beta software right now, although a Windows release is not available yet. It is also advised to keep an eye on the 21 Slack, where users can ask their questions and exchanges ideas regarding this project.

What are your thoughts on turning every computer into a Bitcoin Computer? Is this a solid plan by 21 Inc? Let us know in the comments below!

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