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Recently Launched DeFi Asset Management Protocol X METAVERSE PRO Set to Soar in Popularity

PRESS RELEASE. X METAVERSE PRO, a new management protocol for DeFi assets, uses smart contracts to control the input, use and redemption of funds with a secure and transparent transaction process. Customers can choose the fund supervisor they agree with on the service platform to carry out their investments, and users are allowed to hold the management system public key. The fund supervisor can only physically operate on the assets invested by the client according to the smart contract on the chain and cannot perform any other operations. In short, there is no need for mutual trust between the client and the best team of financiers to make investments with zero risk.

The popular DeFi continues to attract the attention of many investors worldwide this year. Because it effectively solves trust and liquidity issues, it has become an essential platform for the crypto world to interact with the real world. It continues to drive the development of the global digital economy and technological innovation.

The DeFi Asset Management Protocol, X METAVERSE PRO, has emerged powerfully as a new dark horse, especially in the direction of on-chain financial management. Since its launch, it has gained substantial attention in the market in a short time. X METAVERSE PRO innovatively solves challenges in the decentralized asset management space, developing a solution that combines low barriers to entry, a wide range of investment categories and low gas cost, and is dedicated to making DeFi more straightforward, more accessible and more inclusive, accelerating the spread of DeFi asset management.

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol is an automated portfolio management tool that helps the general public participate in and command DeFi investments with a unique and streamlined DeFi program that not only simplifies the DeFi participation process but also helps increase user returns. Fund managers and professional traders can trade through their strategies, and investors can choose the funds they want to invest in by the fund’s performance and the targets they are trading with.

Users can create a portfolio by joining a series of tokens. After applying, the protocol will automatically check the fund’s qualification, and theoretically, anyone is allowed to make a funding request through it. To hedge risk, financiers must place a certain percentage of their funds. In addition, they can only invest in digital currencies or DeFi protocols authorized to be managed and maintained, ensuring that investors buy quality funds.

The protocol is equipped with various liquidity proxy mining strategies that can automatically mine tokens by providing liquidity in a specific pair on each DEX, with the proceeds reinvested in the strategy. To create a complete eco-side, X METAVERSE PRO also launches a social trading platform that connects professional investors with regular investors. In this platform, professional traders can create and manage their trading strategies and publish them to the public. Ordinary users can easily replicate the trading behaviour of professional traders by simply buying and holding.

Currently, the X METAVERSE PRO protocol and application allow users to create investment pools freely, and pool creators can adjust their fees and choose to put tokens from the pool into several projects for liquidity mining (e.g. Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve) for additional revenue.

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol is entirely decentralized, with all funds on the chain and an automatic reinvestment mechanism. It does not require reviewing qualifications, and all users can trade in a stable trading system.

X METAVERSE PRO protocol considers compliance and security as core values, so its foundation has obtained several qualifications, including ASIC license in Australia, FINTRAC license in Canada, AUSTRAC license in Australia (including fiat currency exchange qualification), NFA license and regulation (non-commissioned) in the United States, EMI license in Lithuania, EU, and has undergone security audits by third-party authorities. It aims to create an efficient, fair and transparent online financial platform for global investors and maintain the financial market’s overall stability by complying with different countries’ and regions’ financial norms and policies.

X METAVERSE PRO is an important milestone for the entire X Meta World ecosystem. As an essential financial part of this ecosystem, X METAVERSE PRO is always open and fully capable of linking and aggregating crypto and traditional financial businesses and institutions, allowing anyone to access it with one click, anytime and anywhere. The $XMETA is the economic base of the entire ecosystem, and all services must be consumed and financed by consuming $XMETA, with a 1:1 $XMETA / USDT LP participation.

X METAVERSE PRO will continue to empower the X METAVERSE ecosystem at the functional and product levels, launch more eco-products, build the NFT marketplace and continuously promote ecological construction.

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