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PR: Serenity Financial Forex Problems Solved by Blockchain

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The major advantage of blockchain technology is that it makes everything transparent and gives the guarantee of security. That’s what is required to solve the problems born in the huge forex market industry involving more than 4 mln traders.

What do we have now? Practically, 20 years of Internet development infected all private investors with trading. They opened the opportunity to profit in the financial markets, but also paved the way for scams.

While Western countries tried to find the opportunities of effective forex market regulation, the CIS countries lived in legal vacuum. And even the recent Bank of Russia attempts to solve the regulation issues practically gave no results.

Lack of progress and any potential to solve the key problem of the market is the major driver that may push the responsible brokers to take the situation under the control. At the present moment, about 90% of brokerage companies have no regulation. All of the above creates conditions for the appearance of scammers, for the manipulation of the client’s money and also creates substantial difficulties for the entry of new companies into the market. And blockchain is able to solve the problems of trust, transparency, security and regulation.

Here Comes Serenity

That’s how Serenity Financial entered the picture. It’s the system for control of, and storage of data on, trading and non-trading transactions between brokers and traders and also an independent depository with a system of segregated accounts. It’s an independent depository with segregated accounts and arbitration of transactions. All statements are recorded in blockchain and are stored for the required amount of time. A cryptographic signature was created in the blockchain which ensures that it is impossible to change them retroactively.
“The idea to make Forex market transparent is not a new one. Our team participated in committees and board on market regulation, but when the law on Forex was passed in the Russian Federation, and the Cyprus license regulation was tightened we disappointed in the system itself. The idea to build Serenity Financial came to our minds when we saw the surging number of blockchain based projects that really solve problems and improve the quality of life of users”, comments Denis Kulagin, Serenity Financial CEO (Source
Statements can be stored simultaneously with a broker, in the depositary of Serenity Financial
and with a trader. As there will be a signature of these data in the blockchain, any of the three
can always prove that their copy is real and not fake.

Why Serenity Tokens?
Serenity tokens a sold through ICO with a huge discount (up to 50%) of the nominal. And once the system is launched they will be accepted by the nominal or its market value if it is higher.
Thus, the token growth is supported by the constant demand on it, as Serenity will get payments for its services in tokens. If a customer has no tokens, he will have to buy it at the exchange. So, the constant demand on tokens at the exchange will support it constant appreciation.
The used for payment tokens will be cancelled.
Serenity Financial will generate profits in several ways. First, through commission fees for the issue of internal tokens in the system. Second, subscription fees from category A brokers for a package of services, including technologies and liquidity. Third, through commission fees for manual arbitration.
And now simple algebra. The target audience of the project are brokers providing Internet trading services through the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The total number of such brokers is about 6,000. Of these, only 10% have regulation. That means that we have a mutual interest with 90% of the brokers. At the same time, for the remaining 10%, participation in the system is also beneficial for image purposes.
And now about traders. Across all of these brokers there are about 4,000,000 traders. Average monthly deposits and withdrawals vary in the range of 400,000 – 600,000 USD in total for each broker. Provided that there are at least 1000 brokers in the system and 10% of deposits pass through the system, the average monthly turnover of cash will be about $50 million.
The payment for the creation of one contract and its movement within the network is 1%. This corresponds to the average commission level of payment systems for accepting
crypto currency, while in our system brokers will receive all of the services of the system
for the same price. Earnings from this type of activity will be about 500,000 USD / month.

Who Does the project?

Behind Serenity Financial is a team with wide experience in the area of finance. They have already launched some successful projects such as the broker company Grand Capital with a monthly turnover of 4.7 billion and a tech company UpTrader which develops software for brokers worldwide.
Pre-ICO starts on November 15th and will last only 5 days. Don’t miss your chance to enter the world of honest Forex on favorable terms.

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