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Pirate Party Offers Free DNS Server

The Norwegian Pirate Party came out with a big statement regarding the blockade of the Pirate Bay servers. The political party who fights for Internet freedom has announced they are launching a free DNS service to bypass the torrent site restrictions. The week before the country of Norway became the next region to block citizens from using Pirate Bay services.

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pirate-bay-logoThe Pirate Party wants “ a free and open Internet for everyone.” and doesn’t believe in the copyright industry’s battle to “control the culture”. Many Pirate Party sects promote the use of Bitcoin and decentralized technologies to their followers. Recently the Norwegian courts had ordered ISPs to block access to many ‘pirate’ and torrent sites for its citizens. So the Pirate Party has decided to take action and is providing people of the region access to their own DNS servers. The block can be easily bypassed by changing the DNS settings on the user’s device. Pirate Party co-chairman Oystein Middelthun told TorrentFreak:  

“The censorship is easy to bypass, by simply changing your name server, so we decided to practice what we preach and offer such a service to all those affected by the problem,” ~Oystein Middelthun, Pirate party norway

falkvinge2-646x363The Pirate Party has always been strong advocates of online privacy, encryption, cryptocurrency, and technological tools to help spread political awareness. The Party was founded in 2006 by Swede Rick Falkvinge and used intellectual property and copyright reform to spread its mission. In the 2009 European elections the pirates occupied fifteen of the German parliament seats. The popularity of the organization has grown as every formation has always had strong opinions about Internet freedom. In the Saarland region the pirates again grabbed more government positions by occupying four seats in their parliament. Pirate Party reform has a lot to do with heavy transparency by the means of protocol and technology.

The Pirate Party’s DNS offering is better than most services that offer this setting change. The DNS supports .geek, .pirate, and Namecoin domains. Internet Service Providers run DNS servers for you, but you don’t have to operate them. Anyone can use a third-party provides DNS and can have more added bonuses than your ISP offers. Pirate Party Germany provided by Bavaria offers free disposal of a DNS server as well. The Pirate’s Norwegian outfit also hopes to circumvent censorship and provides citizens a simple gateway to access the Pirate Bay and other blockaded domains. Middelthun speaking with TorrentFreak says:

The blocking order is yet another sad step down the road towards the dystopic world imagined by George Orwell.”


PíratarThe Norwegian Pirate Party is proving itself to be a great booster of anti-censorship. The unblocked DNS server also shows users simple techniques to change your DNS settings over Windows, Mac or Linux devices. While the servers (dns.piratpartiet.no) are based in Norway users globally can enjoy access to them to bypass restricted policy. If your country is blocking sites, then using this server may help you view content you were not allowed to view before. Freedom advocates and Pirate Party members affirm that technology and encryption will help defeat the private corruptions and governments grasp over the free internet.

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