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Open Letters To Ross Ulbricht : Series 1

In the recent events surrounding the sentencing of Ross Ulbricht, and with the clear and blatant corruption with the Silk Road investigation, some members of the team have decided to take action. Many of us involved Bitcoin and libertarian circles believe that Ross did not receive a fair trial. The case was corrupted by two crooked federal agents who stole close to a million in Bitcoin and, had unfettered access to the Silk Road website. They had the ability to change passwords and PIN numbers; create or edit chats; and commandeer accounts, including DPR’s. They tainted the entire investigation, betrayed the public’s trust and we are supposed to believe this case is legitimate. Instead,  a lot of us ask, including Ross’s mother Lyn: How can the evidence against Ross be trusted?

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“We don’t even know the extent of the corruption because much of this material is not known. I ask myself ‘why? What is the government hiding?” — Lyn Ulbricht

11201908_1579917492272593_4797142708466205046_nWe know that many in the Bitcoin community agree with us that the drug war is a failed effort and arresting millions for victimless crimes is wrong. In the United States alone 698 people out of 100,000 are incarcerated. The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world and victimless crimes exceeds many of the charges faced by citizens today. In 2015 even debt can get a person sent to a cage. Ross Ulbricht created a website that allowed free and willing adults choose their own desires. This should not equate to a man being incarcerated for two life sentences. When the government itself allows the sale of “legal heroin” for profit there is no sense of true justice anywhere. Oxycontin and prescription opiate deaths have now exceeded deaths by car accidents yearly yet they allow the sale of these drugs to continue even online. The double standards the government uses within law and its justice system is pure absurdity.

With all this said a few team members have started a Ross Support Squad, codename RSS, to stand in written solidarity with him as he spends his days in a prison cell. This is to show Ross and others that he is not alone and there are many who stand by him. Our first action of support is sending him our words of support. So today we’ve started the “Open Letters To Ross” series and will publish various letters from the community addressed to him. If a letter is chosen to be proofed, it will be reviewed by our team and then published on our site. We at will also personally pay for postage and deliver your letter ourselves after publication.

Our first letter is from Roger Ver who is constantly fighting against the corruptions via the State. He believes that Ross and many others should be released immediately:Through education and technology, those criminal aggressors will be stopped one day soon”.’s RSS members encourage all of you to send a letter to Ross telling him how you feel about crypto, economics, injustice or anything really. Below you will find my email address where you may submit a letter for review and publishing. You will also find Ross’s address below if you choose to write him a letter and mail it yourself.

You can also donate sorely needed funds to Ross’s appeal at His family can’t finance the appeal alone. They need our support.


Our series begins today now with our first letter:

September 10th 2015

Hi Ross,

I’m sorry it has taken me so wrong to write this letter. I’m not sure what I can really say to comfort you at this point, other than to let you know that there are lots of people in the world who understand that people own their own bodies, and that the police, judges, and other law enforcement officers who enforce victimless crime laws are the real criminals.  Through education and technology, those criminal aggressors will be stopped one day soon.

For now, I will tell you about some exciting technological developments that I think you will be interested in.

1. The first distributed prediction market launched a few weeks ago.  It is called Augur and is based on Ethereum.  If you are not already familiar with Ethereum,  I’ve included some documentation on it.  It basically is an unstoppable computing platform that anyone can run software on,  and that no one can censor or stop.

2. Another distributed prediction market called Truthcoin based on a fork of Bitcoin will be launching within a few weeks as well.  I suspect you already understand just how predictive and influential prediction markets can be for your own situation and the world at large.  

3. Open Bazaar launched their alpha client recently. Open Bazaar is a distributed marketplace that can’t be shut down or censored.  Their team is made of of voluntaryist types and have received $1M USD in venture funding from two of the biggest names in the space. Fred Wilson of Union Square ventures, and Andreesen Horowitz as well.

4. There are several competing next generation crypto-currencies such as Zerocash.  These currencies have a blockchain,  but using zero knowledge proofs, and some other fancy mathematical techniques, the currencies are 100% anonymous at the protocol level. The client software and everyone else can only check to make sure that the coins are valid,  and have not been double spent using these zero knowledge proofs,  but it is mathematically impossible for them to see the history each coin directly.  In short,  truly anonymous digital cash,  without requiring the use of mixers or other special tools is coming soon.  

I also thought you would enjoy knowing that is being overseen in part by myself now.  There is an active news section promoting voluntaryism, and there are prominent banner ads displayed on the site for (photos attached)

Despite the violent aggression of those calling themselves the state, please know that there are lots of us in this world who understand that no one should be locked up for committing victimless “crimes”.  We will continue to work so that one day everyone currently imprisoned for victimless crimes will be released.  I hope to welcome your release in person one day.

With the best intentions,

Roger Ver


Readers of are encouraged to write to Ross and research the non aggression principle. We believe there are millions of people who are incarcerated in this world who don’t deserve to be. Email submissions for letters to be published to the “Open Letters To Ross” series can be sent to ~>

The address where you can send a letter to Ross directly is here. Ross especially likes discussions on economics, politics and science.


Ross Ulbricht, #18870-111
MCC, New York Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007-1780

Those who choose to donate Bitcoin can do so by visiting to help fund his appeal process directly. 

What do you think about the corruption within this investigation? Let us know in the comments below.

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