One of the Largest Bitcoin Mixing Services Closes its Doors

On July 24 the operator of the website and bitcoin mixing service announced the operation is now ending its mixing services. Although many Bitcoiners assumed the closure was due to law enforcement pressure the owner insists it is due to a change in his ideology.

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‘The Largest Bitcoin Mixer is About to Stop Working’

One of the Largest Bitcoin Mixing Services Closes its is one of the most popular bitcoin mixing and tumbling services on the web and caters to large volumes of BTC. The service has been operating since 2014, and the platform was processing 65,000 BTC per month according to the operator of the site. Bitmixer provided digitally signed proof of every order and offered instant mixing with a big reserve. In addition to Bitmixer’s website on clearnet, the operation also had an official Tor mirror as well on the deep web. For over three years the tumbling service operated for those who wanted to mix quantities of bitcoins. Then on July 24, the sites operator announced, “the largest bitcoin mixer is about to stop working.”

“Despite the huge profit we earn, we are closing our activity,” explains Bitmixer. “Let me explain why. I’m bitcoin enthusiast since 2011. When we started this service, I was convinced that any Bitcoin user has a natural right to privacy. I was totally wrong. Now I grasp that Bitcoin is a transparent non-anonymous system by design. Blockchain is a great open book.”

I believe that Bitcoin will have a great future without dark market transactions. You may use Dash or Zerocoin if you want to buy some weed. Not Bitcoin.

One of the Largest Bitcoin Mixing Services Closes its Doors

Recent Darknet Takedowns Cause Speculation

The news comes shortly after the recent global law enforcement takedown of the Alphabay and Hansa darknet marketplaces. As soon as Bitmixer’s announcement was made, many people asked whether or not the organization was threatened by law enforcement. Lots of darknet customers and vendors use mixers to cover their tracks. Alongside this, lately bureaucrats worldwide are talking of banning these types of applications and frowning upon those who condone bitcoin tumblers. However, the operator of Bitmixer thinks that this is a ridiculous assumption.   

“The government pressure doesn’t work like ‘Oh man, please close your service,’” Bitmixer responds. “No way. They just come and arrest you for illegal activity. We are privacy experts; it is hard or impossible to find out our location and personality, our servers are located in the country where Bitcoin is not considered as a currency. I could sell the business to our competitors for $5-6M, but I will not do this.”

It is important that you understand my position. I really revised my view about Bitcoin as a transparent system. Bitcoin has no future with drug/weapon traffic or any other illegal activity. This is my point.

A lot of people still didn’t believe the Bitmixer operator reasons but wished him luck for helping people mix coins. One person writes, “I don’t believe that he turned 180 degrees to anti-privacy — Anyhow, thanks for your service mate!”

What do you think about Bitmixer closing up shop for ideological reasons? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Bitmixer. 

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  • Evan Warnock

    I think he’s right,so i totally understand closing his doors.
    I applaud him for Bitmixer’s years of service, a true OG in crypto-history.

    Best Luck on his next endeavor!

  • Ganancia Diaria Para Ti

    Ya lograron enormes riquezas y punto

  • Jim Shepard

    I’m guessing he got a much better offer for closing shop compared to the profit from staying in business. In other words, I think he was bribed.

    • Jetsz

      by who

      • Jim Shepard

        Not knowing “who” exactly, of course, my general guess is it would be either big corporate business interests, big government interests, or a combination of the two. And since big business has always been known to work in collusion with big government, then probably it’s both.

  • Steve Worrell

    Smart move, good luck to you

  • Cristi Cristi

    i’m so glad that mixers admins needs to close or are forced to shut down their bitcoin mixers. Not for the weed or weapons reasons but for the reason that 80-90% of the HYIPs veteran admins are using such service to hide and keep scamming people. In other words we will see less HYIPs around. Bitcoin won’t grow in price for such illegal reasons but we will see it more stable with less volatility in the future.

  • darey olushina

    sometimes you would never know the truth of a matter

  • richmond plc

    He will not escape FBI will soon be after you….