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Podcast With Bitcoin Enthusiast and Country Artist Corb Lund

This week’s Bitcoin.com podcast with our host ‘Bitcoin Brian’ features Corb Lund, the Roots Country Singer from Alberta Canada who believes bitcoin is a disruptive technology to our current monetary system.

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New Bitcoin.com Podcast With Bitcoin Enthusiast and Country Artist Corb LundCorb Lund calls himself a “fringe underground country music” player that blends genres of Rockabilly, 50’s Rock & Roll, Western Swing and Bluegrass into his nine albums. Lund’s band typically tours in Canada but has also played across Europe, the U.K. and Australia. The musician has also been into bitcoin for quite some time and really got fascinated when he was following the currency used in an online game called ‘Second Life’, making him ponder of what money actually is.

Then bitcoin came along — bitcoin seemed like a real well thought out way of digitizing money. I mean all of our banks have digitized money in there own way, that they control. But the more I read about it, the more I was fascinated how it was… super-national — How it transcends nation states, and it transcends banks. And I find that really fascinating.          

Lund says he used the digital currency in Las Vegas just recently, but he mostly trades bitcoin with his friends between different cryptocurrencies. The country artist also thinks banking institutions today will be disrupted by this emerging technology much like Uber did to the cab industry. Lund says he’s very “cautious” about the future of fiat but also tells his friends to be responsible with bitcoin as well.  

“Whenever I bring new friends into bitcoin, I tell them you have to be really responsible,” adds Lund.

During the show, Bitcoin Brian and Lund discuss bitcoin scaling issues, as well as the utilization options available To hear more of the Bitcoin.com podcast with country artist Corb Lund check out the podcast here. Or our readers can also listen to the show with the streaming player below.

What do you think about Corb Lund’s music and his opinions about bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

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