Mycelium Swish Lets You Order Food from a Billboard with Bitcoin


Mycelium Swish Lets You Order Food from a Billboard with Bitcoin

Making Bitcoin more accessible and appealing to mainstream consumers is the first step along the way to reach critical mass adoption. Up until this point, the entire process of using Bitcoin as a payment method is confusing to a lot of people, especially as they do not see the added value of doing so. Mycelium Swish looks to address this issue and create a simple yet useful process to get Bitcoin into the hands and minds of more people.

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Mycelium Swish – Scan a Bitcoin QR Code to Order Food and Pick It UpBitcoin.com_Mycelium Swish

Ordering food with Bitcoin has been possible in select countries around the world for quite some time now. For example, popular online food delivery platform integrated Bitcoin payments nearly two years ago, allowing the digital currency to be used on any of its localized sites. Other services to offer a similar experience include names like Foodler and Menufy.

Unfortunately, not all of those services are available on a large scale, leaving a lot of Bitcoin users out in the cold. That being said, a solution might be just around the corner, in the form of Mycelium Swish. The process is quite simple: scan the QR code on a restaurant’s billboard, order the food in your native language, pay with Bitcoin, and pick up the food in 20 minutes.  

The concept of Mycelium Swish offers a fair few advantages compared to how ordering and paying for food works right now. First of all, consumers will no longer have to drive to their favorite restaurant to order food, as they can do so regardless of where they are by scanning a billboard QR code. For those customers preferring to order at the restaurant itself, business owners can put QR codes near tables or the ordering station itself.

Secondly, most restaurants offer their menu in one specific language. This can cause language barrier issues for people traveling abroad, who may not have mastered the local language just yet. By using Mycelium Swish, customers can order anything from the menu in their preferred language, while the restaurant will still receive the order in its local language. As a result, there will be no more communication errors, nor wrong orders being prepared.

Furthermore, customers will be given the option to pay through convenient payment methods, such as plastic cards and Bitcoin. Not only is this beneficial to the customer, but it will also help restaurants to accept payments without much hassle. In fact, restaurants will be able to serve a global customer base, which can only be good for business.

Last but not least, Mycelium Swish allows one employee to do the job of three people. While some people might argue this will reduce the number of jobs in the restaurant sector, a more streamlined process, and user experience is created. Considering how users can order and pay in advance, there will be more need for people delivering orders to customers stopping by to pick them up.

As an added bonus, there will be no need to install a third-party application to use this service. Mycelium Swish can be accessed from any browser on any type of device, and businesses are expected to be up and selling within more minutes of creating an account.

Creating More Use-Cases For BitcoinBitcoin.com_Mycelium Swish Bitcoin

The main goal of projects like Mycelium Swish is to create additional use cases for Bitcoin. Online food ordering and delivery are a booming business all over the world, and very few services accept Bitcoin payments right now. With Mycelium Swish; that situation might be about to change in the near future.

Deliberately choosing to allow card payments as well seems to be a strategic decision by mycelium, as it does not alienate people from giving the project a try. Targeting just the Bitcoin user wouldn’t be the best business decision right now, as the overall community is still very small when looking at things from a global perspective.

It is also important to take into account that just because solutions like Mycelium Swish exist, it won’t become a food industry game changer overnight. Most consumers will stick to their traditional way of ordering and paying for takeaway. It takes quite some time to change the way people go about these “routines” although Mycelium Swish presents a compelling alternative.

What are your thoughts on Mycelium Swish? Are you looking forward to giving it a try? Let us know in the comments below!


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