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Mycelium has crowdfunded $569K so far, valuating their company at $11.3 million

In what may be a huge boost of confidence in Mycelium, their company, and wallet, it has been noted that so far in their ongoing crowdsale that they have funded 1274.221 BTC, which equates to $569k USD.

According to the Mycelium crowdsale, each owner is getting a 5% stake of Mycelium, essentially equating the investments so far to an $11.4 million valuation. The crowdsale still has 13 days to go before it closes.

Mycelium recently announced to the public that they would be doing a crowdsale to help raise funds for their wallet and company. The crowdsale let’s users participate in the growth and help the company along with development financing. Mycelium is selling a 5% non-dilutable stake in Mycelium (SAR) directly on the blockchain.

In the new update Mycelium said that some of the upgrades will include it’s own API, which will allow third-party developers to tap into their wallet and build their own services on top of it. He also said that the wallet will soon support Glidera, which is a bitcoin exchange which other wallets have integrated with recently to allow buying and selling of bitcoins directly within the wallet.

Hat tip to Jameson Lopp for making note of this and clarifying the valuation on Twitter.

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