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MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for Bitcoin.com

On May 18, 2018, the One Championship fighter, female mixed martial artist (MMA) Mei Yamaguchi sponsored by Bitcoin.com, faced the Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee in a re-match bout called ‘Unstoppable Dreams.’

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Japanese MMA Veteran Mei Yamaguchi Enters the Ring Sporting Bitcoin.com Gear

This Friday the Bitcoin.com sponsored Japanese veteran MMA fighter Mei Yamaguchi to meet her adversary Angela Lee again, in the the mixed martial artist female championship bout of the year at the One Championship Arena in Singapore.

MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for Bitcoin.com
Mei Yamaguchi

Before the fight began the champion fighter came out sporting a Bitcoin.com t-shirt that says ‘Bitcoin Cash’ and a ‘BCH PLS’ hat as the crowd went wild over Yamaguchi’s entrance. Yamaguchi’s cold stare had shown the crowd the MMA veteran was very serious about this re-match with Lee.

As 138 countries watched during the first four rounds of the bout, it seemed Lee dominated Yamaguchi. A ton of punches and takedowns took place during the fight as each round timed out for the two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts.

MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for Bitcoin.com

Mei Yamaguchi Put Up an Excellent Fight but in the End, Angela Lee Takes the Win

The Bitcoin.com sponsored Yamaguchi threw some incredible punches at Lee but her adversary managed to come back. During the fifth and final round Yamaguchi came out swinging hard with many double leg takedowns, submissions, and threw lots of strikes from the bottom.

MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for Bitcoin.com

After the fifth round of the Unstoppable Dreams bout the judges came to the decision that the Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee had won the fight. Lee then thanked her team for their support but also stated that Yamaguchi put up a tough fight as the Japanese veteran is very experienced.

MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for Bitcoin.com

At Bitcoin.com we’re proud of Mei Yamaguchi’s efforts during the One Championship in Singapore, and we think she put up one hell of a fight.

Did you watch the Unstoppable Dreams One Championship fight? Let us know what you think of this subject in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, One, and Youtube

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