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Mike Tyson and the Bitcoin Drama

Last Saturday, retired professional boxer Mike Tyson tweeted that he is getting into the world of Bitcoin. The tweet advertised a new Bitcoin ATM device, which Tyson plans to reveal in August for Las Vegas. Tyson partnered with Bitcoin Direct LLC Peter Klamka to make this happen. Klamka also happens to run bitcoinformiles.com, which turns Bitcoins into frequent flyer miles and Bitcoin Brands Inc, which produces Bitcoin ATM machines.
Tyson’s advertisement trumped up his winning knockout time, and pledged to deliver Bitcoins faster than he delivers KO’s. Sadly, that is all the webpage offered. The site displayed the sweat drenched, muscle bound Tyson with the ATM release date shown anticlimactically to his left. The ATM should be available in August, the site read.


Scandal Mongers and Opportunists


The issue surrounding this campaign is that Tyson might have gotten duped by Klamka. Thus, scandal mongers and media opportunists are trying to discover if he is legit, and whether Tyson got roped into a shoddy deal. Coindesk even acquired statements from Klamka rebutting these claims, but the well is still poisoned as a result of his allegedly bad reputation. Various sites pointed out that Klamka’s company Bitcoin Brands LLC is just an unknown (OTC) stock, and has little value. The company was also just recently registered with Nevada Records, which proved some of the allegations. And a lot of people believe that all this negative publicity will hurt Bitcoin’s reputation and standing, especially if Tyson ends up not producing the ATM.All this is just gobs of needless drama and rhetoric.If Tyson got scammed, who cares? Bitcoin won’t break. The network doesn’t give a hoot about rumors and human failure. It didn’t care about Mt. Gox. When Gox fell, Bitcoin might have declined in price, but it got back up and kept chugging along.

Only Good can Come of This


If Tyson fails to deliver and crashes and burns, Bitcoin wins, because more people know about it. Bitcoin would probably not even lose market value as a result. However, if Tyson succeeds and delivers, Bitcoin wins again, because more people will be using it. In either case, Bitcoin grows and more people get exposure to it. The fact that Tyson’s name is near Bitcoin is a plus for the crypto-community. It is a plus for anyone interested in sound money.

Just don’t listen to the gossip and drama. Pay attention to what is happening. Pay attention to the facts of the world, to the zeitgeist. Who cares if Klamka is a scam artist or burnout? Who cares if Tyson is a business amateur? If one reads between the lines, they know that Bitcoin is rearing back to make its own knockout. It’s putting all of its opponents down for the count, and naming itself the victor. It is here to stay, with or without Tyson. The protocol is that awesome.

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