A Letter to Ross Ulbricht From The Crypto Show

This letter to Ross Ulbricht was written by Danny Sessoms of The Crypto Show
Hey Ross
The crypto show
The Crypto Show

It’s Danny at The Crypto Show I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know you’re not forgotten.  I just returned from the Anarchapulco conference where we packed up a lot stuff that people donated to you and we sold it there raising another $748. Mostly in Bitcoin I might add.

It was just Tshirts and stickers and such but everyone was glad to help.  Roger Ver was the first customer of course.  We continue to push forward on the website page we created for you as well.  Your mom is in Austin right now during SXSW and we’ve planned a pub crawl where a bunch of us are teaming up with your mom and Dad ,wearing our FreeRoss Tshirts this Saturday during one of the busiest days of SXSW to bring more attention to the issue and let everyone know we’re still behind you and your family.
Over the past couple of years we’ve become very fond of your family and will continue to stand behind y’all.  We are looking forward to the day when you’re sitting in studio with us at Brave New Books on air bitching about the man and telling your story in person.
None of us at The Crypto Show ever used the Silk Road but we get the principle of it and support the fact that guilty or innocent building a website is not a good reason for a life sentence.
Be sure to drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing.

Danny Sessoms

Today, March 27, is Ross Ulbricht’s birthday. will be posting letters from members of the Bitcoin community who want to wish Ross a happy birthday, as well as lend their moral support in his unfortunate ordeal. If you would like to help Ross, feel free to donate to his appeal fund at

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