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Kraken Partners With The Economist for Investment Competition

Kraken Partners With The Economist for Investment Competition

If you had $1 million to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, how would you buy, and why? This is the premise behind a new case study competition from Kraken, who partnered with The Economist to launch the program.

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The Economist Kraken, a leading bitcoin exchange, has launched a new competition aimed at students, challenging them to create digital asset investment strategies.

As part of the competition, Kraken and The Economist give competitors a hypothetical sum of $1 million USD to invest in bitcoin and Ethereum. They want to know how people would invest those funds — in bitcoin, Ethereum or both?

The first place winner of the competition will receive $10,000. Second place wins $5,000, while third place wins $3,000. Additionally, a “People’s Choice” award gives out $3,000.

Kraken and The Economist Want to Know: Which Is a Better Investment, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The challenge looks to pick apart the two cryptocurrencies to see which one has the most promise for the future. The review criteria includes technical differences, project governance, and community values, all of which play a role in how well the currencies perform in the market.

According to Kraken CEO Jesse Powell:

“While many have argued that Bitcoin and Ethereum are complementary rather than competing technologies, others see Ethereum as Bitcoin’s strongest rival. Even if they are complementary, one may prove the better investment over the next 5 years and that’s where you come in. Presentations should be accessible to a wider audience with no special knowledge of blockchain technology. However, we want to be wowed by your sophisticated insight and thorough analysis of the new digital asset class.”

Participants will need to create a two-to-three minute video explaining their investment strategies on how to best use the hypothetical $1 million.

Schools participating in the competition include BYU Marriott School of Management, Creighton University, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and Tulane University.

More information on the competition is available at The Economist.

What do you think about this competition? Will it provide an accurate gauge on whether Bitcoin or Ethereum will be the currency of the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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