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KeepKey Lowers Price for Black Friday, Adds Ethereum

KeepKey Lowers Price for Black Friday, Adds Ethereum

Cryptocurrency hardware device manufacturer KeepKey has announced it will integrate Ethereum. The ether implementation comes just in time for the company’s 24-hour Black Friday sale.

KeepKey Integrates Ethereum Support Beginning With 24-Hour Sale

keepkey-logoSeattle-based KeepKey revealed that Ethereum will be supported on its hardware security devices. The ether integration will go live on 25th November, during this year’s Black Friday sales. The firm said Ethereum integration is due to customer demand, and KeepKey will be celebrating this milestone. To commemorate the occasion, KeepKey will also be marking down its hardware devices by 20%. KeepKey hardware wallets will be $79 for 24-hours beginning 8:00 am EST on 25th November.

At press time, one ether is roughly $9.85 and the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is second highest — hovering at close to $1 billion USD. KeepKey says significantly higher trading volume and recent hard forks have spurred “countless user requests” for Ethereum support.

“Of all the assets we get asked to support on KeepKey, Ethereum is by far the most requested,” CEO Darin Stanchfield said. “It’s a massive project with a huge following and we are thrilled to release our public beta on Friday. The KeepKey and KeepKey Chrome Extension will be the first hardware wallet and application that supports BTC, LTC, DOGE and ETH in one single user interface.”      

KeepKey Provides Individual Financial Security

Ethereum support will allow KeepKey user to command multiple Ethereum accounts and addresses. Additionally, people can swap between particular tokens using the wallet’s ShapeShift service. CEO of ShapeShift Erik Voorhees said during the announcement: 

Ethereum and bitcoin on one hardware device provides immense value to the digital asset ecosystem. Companies like KeepKey have done more to advance individual financial security than banks have done in the past hundred years.

KeepKey stated that this past January the entire market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies was once valued at $7 billion. Now the total worth of this digital currency landscape is worth $14 billion and climbing. Ethereum co-founder and core developer Vitalik Buterin is pleased to see ether supported by the hardware wallet manufacturer.  

“User account security is one of the most important problems that must be dealt with for blockchain technology to achieve mass consumer adoption, and we highly welcome efforts like KeepKey that aim to solve this challenge,” Buterin explained.

As Cryptocurrency Markets Rise in Value the Risk of Theft Also Rises

keepkey-shapeshiftStanchfield detailed that with the rise in value within the cryptocurrency economy thieves also look for more ways to profit. The KeepKey founder says that Ethereum users suffer the same “security hurdles” that bitcoin users experience. “Using KeepKey makes Ethereum security simple: you can feel safe transacting without worrying if your computer you’re using has been compromised,” he explained.

Moreover, the popularity of digital currencies also creates investors, building portfolios and holding various assets. KeepKey wants to facilitate these investments and help keep security at the forefront of this industry.

“Crypto assets vary in their characteristics, and attract the use of different audiences for different use cases,” Stanchfield said. “The trend for investing and holding multiple types of assets is growing, and KeepKey now makes this both simpler and safer.”

We are also excited to embrace the tradition of Bitcoin Black Friday, which started in 2012. The cost of our device will be lowered for one day because it will help spread the adoption for better, more cost effective security not just for Bitcoin, but all crypto assets.  

What do you think about KeepKey integrating Ethereum and lowering its price for Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Bitcoin.com, and KeepKey websites. 

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