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An In-Depth Interview With Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce is a well known member in the Bitcoin community. Pierce is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur that has been involved with online technology and software since the 90’s. Pierce has been involved with Bitcoin since the beginning, taking on many roles in various organizations throughout the industry. Most notably, Pierce is the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation as well as Blockchain Capital, which invests in blockchain technology related startups. Many of his investments revolve around the digital age, including his early-career leadership roles with several large online gaming businesses.

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“Satoshi gave us a gift but Bitcoin Stakeholders must continue to nurture and develop it.  Disruptive technologies like the Internet and Bitcoin don’t get un-invented.”

— Brock Pierce, Blockchain Capital & The Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcoin.com had a discussion with Pierce concerning various topics in the Bitcoin community. Pierce gave our readers some insight into his career in the digital age and shows his passion for cryptocurrency and technology to our readers. Subjects include regulation, Blockchain Capital, and the block size debate.


Bitcoin.com: You got into the digital realm at a very young age. Can you tell me what fascinates you about this realm and its networks?

Brock Pierce: I’ve been working with digital currencies since the 90’s with an initial focus in persistent worlds. The death of paper and the digitization of all the world’s assets is clearly a fascinating trend.

BC: When did you first hear about Bitcoin?

BP: I’ve been following bitcoin since the beginning.  

BC: You are director of the Bitcoin Foundation. How are things going with the group and its moving forward?

1321a101a9e95f13f69884d928083aa5b0b2c67ff3d7BP: I’m acting Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. The Foundation has a large membership base comprised of individuals and organizations. The role of the Foundation is to facilitate communication amongst our constituents. The DevCore Workshops are great examples of this. The next DevCore is taking place at the Draper University on October 18th with speakers such as Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik, Charlie Lee, and more.

“Human Capital and venture capital are pouring in the Blockchain economy and the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

BC: What’s your overall opinion of the current state of Bitcoin as we speak?

BP: We are bullish on the Blockchain and the price of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is down over the past two years, primarily due to well-known problems like Mt Gox that are in the past.  Human Capital and venture capital are pouring in the Blockchain economy and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

BC: Can you tell me a little about Blockchain Capital and your role there?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIxAAAAJDNjYmRhYmJkLTcxZWItNGU4ZS05YTA0LTkxMmQyODEwY2U3NABP: Blockchain Capital is a sector focused venture capital fund that invests exclusively in what we call blockchain enabled technology companies. Our first fund was fully deployed into 30 companies. Our second fund has 17 portfolio companies today. I am one of the three founders and Managing Partners along with Bart and Brad Stephens.

BC: What do you think of the recent Block Size debate? Are you for or against the increase in Block Size?

BP: I am supportive of increasing the block size and continue to assist in facilitating conversation that will lead to consensus as to the right approach to get there.

BC: How do you feel about Nasdaq and the incredible amount of VC capital being injected into the Bitcoin Space?

brock-pierce-releases-statement-The-CoinFront-your-news-source-for-bitcoin-altcoin-digital-and-cryptocurrencies-795x400-300x150BP: One of Blockchain Capital’s portfolio companies, Chain.com is working with Nasdaq.  Chain just announced $30 million in financing, including Visa, Nasdaq, Citi, Capital One, Fiserv and Orange.  Corporate and strategic investors are now realizing what we have known for years: The Blockchain changes everything.

BC: How do you feel about the BitLicense?

2f6197cfdd9f8f577ed36658d900899bBP: I’m pleased to see regulators recognizing our industry, though the NY BitLicense process has not been well received by the Bitcoin community.  California’s proposed regulatory framework is more startup friendly, but also has room for improvement.  Blockchain Capital portfolio companies Chain.com, Xapo, BitGo and Blockstream have all made positive remarks on AB-1326.

“Corporate and strategic investors are now realizing what we have known for years: The Blockchain changes everything.”

BC: How does Brock Pierce explain Bitcoin to friends who’ve never heard of cryptocurrency?

BP: I explain it as a trend that is more important than the internet so I strongly encourage people to take the time to understand it.

BC: What do you think people can expect from Bitcoin’s Future?

BP: Never a dull moment!  Satoshi gave us a gift but Bitcoin Stakeholders must continue to nurture and develop it.  Disruptive technologies like the Internet and Bitcoin don’t get un-invented.


Brock Pierce continues his role down the digital life he loves. With the Bitcoin Foundation and Blockchain Capital Pierce and his colleagues push the idea of Bitcoin forward through its startups and educational programs. Many understand what he’s talking about when he say’s there’s “ Never a dull moment!” We at Bitcoin.com agree.

Can an idea like Bitcoin get un-invented? Let us know in the comments below!


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