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Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht: A Letter From Lyn to Bitcoin.com

This letter to Ross Ulbricht was written by Lyn Ulbricht.

To Our Friends at Bitcoin.com,

Ross will spend his 32nd birthday (his third in prison) on March 27, Easter Sunday. I think of Easter as a time of hope and resurrection, and pray that this next year will be that for Ross.

On one of my birthdays, when I commented on getting older, Ross said, “No big deal Mom. A birthday is just another trip around the sun.” But it is not easy, and is often crushing, to watch your early 30s pass by as you spend day upon endless day, month after month, year after year in what is virtually a cage.

Prison is such a profound waste, not only for Ross but for thousands who are warehoused there. Ross is so life-loving, enthusiastic, with so much to give.  It is often hard to fathom how he copes with it. Yet, despite his circumstances, Ross intentionally chooses to do his best, with a positive attitude. He works to expand his mind (he’s currently studying artificial intelligence and physics); help others (right now he’s leading a GED class so fellow inmates can get their high school diplomas); and stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. We are proud of the way he is handling this.

One of the most important things that keeps Ross going is support from great people like all of you. It is easy to feel alone and forgotten in prison, especially when you are forbidden use of email and the internet. It is so heartening for Ross to hear from you, his peers, and to know that you are out there supporting him; to be assured that you haven’t forgotten him.

Often people ask us who Ross is. The answer: He is one of you. He is a person who loves and reveres freedom and believes in the uniqueness and value of the individual. He is someone who cares deeply about people and their having the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams.

We are deeply grateful for your support in this horrendous ordeal. And for remembering Ross as he takes one more trip around the sun.

Today, March 27, is Ross Ulbricht’s birthday. Bitcoin.com will be posting letters from members of the Bitcoin community who want to wish Ross a happy birthday, as well as lend their moral support in his unfortunate ordeal. If you would like to help Ross, feel free to donate to his appeal fund at FreeRoss.org.

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