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As The Halving Approaches, Let the Parties Begin!

The much anticipated Bitcoin-Halving Day is approaching fast with less than 300 blocks to go until the reward changes for miners. Expectations for this event have been quite massive, with many predicting a surge in price. Meanwhile, others are holding events to celebrate this milestone in Bitcoin’s life.

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We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Block # 419,975

It appears that on July 9, the Bitcoin community will be celebrating the halving event, which occurs about every four years. The last halving took place in 2012 with little excitement at the time but now bitcoin’s are worth a whole lot more, its market is a whole lot bigger, and 15.7 million coins have already been mined. As the number of transactions and users keeps growing, this tapering should make the cryptocurrency more scarce.


During the event, many Bitcoiners will be celebrating by meeting up with fellow enthusiasts and cryptocurrency supporters in cities across the world. Thanks to the Halvening Blog and other social media posts online, put together a list of worldwide parties commemorating the 2016 Halving Day.   


Happy Halving is also excited about the upcoming halving and hope everyone partying has a great time. The grand Bitcoin experiment is only seven years old, and these halving changes will take place up until the year 2140. The industry and economy surrounding the network is just getting started, and there will be many more events taking place in the future.

As we build this global economy and infrastructure, it’s good to celebrate every now and then, as the experiment can be stressful at times. This July 9th should be a fun day in crypto-land, and you can be sure will be reporting on everything happening surrounding the halving as it transpires.


Will you be attending a Halving Day party? Let us know about it as we’d love to hear about what people are doing and their experiences throughout this momentous day.

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