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GetGEMS Joining TeleBit Bringing Bitcoin to Telegram Chat

GetGems has rolled out the punches this week with its latest developments. First introducing Julia the Telegram Bitcoin Bot. Following meeting Julia, the company threw out yet another progressive platform from its team: Group payments, a new feature that allows GetGems users to share Bitcoin or Gems to a group of chat users.

The user earns gems just by using the app and will be able to convert them to bitcoin without needing a credit card or bank account. It’s an easy ramp to bitcoin for mainstreams user.


The newest build for Android and IOS lets users send Bitcoin to any number of people in chat. In the currency screen just tap your contacts as you wish and you can send value divided among the group. GetGems members can conveniently do this without typing names. Usernames are aliases to the wallet addresses in the Gems network. The interface responds very quickly and is meant for people without a crypto background.

Julia the Newest Telegram Bot that links with a Coinbase account allows people to send Bitcoin through the popular messaging app. News of this feature caused quite a commotion on reddit and various media outlets. To use Julia you have to find the @getgemsbot in Telegram. Julia then acts like a simple and friendly Bitcoin bank teller offering help throughout set up.

“Julia will take you through the simple set-up process and in minutes you will be sending, requesting and receiving bitcoin that you    control, directly from within Telegram.”

On Twitter Pavel Durov CEO of Telegram tweeted about Julia which caused more excitement there as well. However some opinions spoke up of an earlier app called Telebit which also allows its users to exchange Bitcoin through the popular messenger. When asked about GetGems, StartChat and SendChat Telebit states earlier this year:

“They are all in conceptual stage and don’t even exist on iPhone yet. They will have to attract a user base which will take years and will still not match the large and growing network effect that telegram has.” 

Well it seems GetGems is now past its conceptual stage and moved into Telegrams orbit. With a surprise tweet from its CEO the Gems team seemed pretty ecstatic posting about it in their blog. In between these two big announcements the crew also introduced tip payments and sticker tip payments. The first works like most tipping bots, the latter allows users to apply Bitcoin or Gems to stickers to send to friends. Each funny image containing its own set worth

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Gems calls itself the first currency social network, and it seems to be gravitating to all of its goals. Users are also rewarded for using the GetGems app itself which adds incentive to the users in the network. The Gems team wants to please the crowd with it latest developments with more features to come in the future, like bitcoin group funding. On reddit a GetGems representative states:

“Conversations about money are already happening on instant messenger as people chat about bar tabs, splitting dinner bills, and sharing the cost of an Uber. It makes sense to make the payment in the same place the conversation started.”

Do you think GetGems new features will wow the main stream? Let us know in the comments below.Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Redmemes
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