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Fydis Presents a 100% Secure App for Your Online Files

How safe are your files when they are stored in the cloud? How private is your personal information you send out in previous emails? How secure is your company’s confidential data? It’s not as safe as you think in a world where news headlines are dominated by unbelievable cybercrimes like the attacks on Scottrade, Ashley Madison, IRS and Experian.

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Fydis-1At the moment, like the majority of the population, you probably leave your data unsecured, which is the online equivalent of leaving your house unlocked. With no simple way to use file protection, you probably felt like you had no choice. Now, Fydis has created the “lock” to protect your important information, and you are able to help it to emerge in the security space.

With the multi-layered defense of Fydis, stealing your data becomes much more difficult. Simply hacking into your computer and stealing your files will no longer work, the file would be unreadable and you can set it to self-destruct in the case of theft.

Fydis was developed without decryption. Therefore, once a file is encrypted, it is encrypted forever — even Fydis cannot decrypt your files — ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.

Disruptive Privacy Features

Fydis won’t store your files or private cryptographic keys, so even if hackers or third-parties try to access your private data through Fydis’ servers, they would still be unable to get your sensitive data. Fydis uses military-grade encryption, which is stored in the file itself. Essentially, the file protection involves a series of measures, including device locking and encrypting the file with random code, that only the file owner will have the ”keys” to unscramble.

When you want someone to see your private files, you simply allow that person to do so. You can also add specific permissions. For example, granting access from a certain PC, phone, location, or even a certain time frame. To ensure your files are accessed by the right people, Fydis sends you a notification every time someone tries to access the files. You will be able to track it no matter where it is sent. The tracking information is kept privately and cannot be used by third-parties.

Fydis on Indiegogo

Fydis has launched on the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Supporters and active users of online security and privacy solutions can show their appreciation by backing Fydis with financial contributions. Fydis already has a functional prototype and is raising funds for additional features and services like customer support and creating a mobile application. It is offering a large discount and early access to service to the first 200 Earliest Bird backers.

Fydis is set to launch at the beginning of 2016. Anyone who cares about privacy, and thinks that even grandma and grandpa deserve to be easily secured from the NSA spying machine, can show their appreciation to the project by visiting the campaign page and sharing it with others.

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