The Emotions & Memes of the Bitcoin Community: Transmission #52 is back again with its weekly video spot featuring Theo Goodman from the World Crypto Network: Transmission #52 broadcast. This week’s video features Dustin from BTCartgallery going over the vast amount of crypto-related artwork displayed on his website. The site contains an array of categorized art, videos, songs, animated gifs, memes, wallpapers and more from various artists in the cryptocurrency space.

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Transmission 52

At first glance, Goodman notices at the beginning of the video that memes and funny graphics seem to increase and proliferate when there’s a lot of drama in the Bitcoin community. The BTCartgallery creator agreed. “The emotions people have is how they work it out sometimes,” he explained. One particular subject is how the buzzword “blockchain” has enamored the public and banking institutions worldwide.

The Valuation Project by CryptoGraffiti

Other topics discussed included paintings with cryptographic secrets held inside the art and the very prevalent censorship in the community during 2015. Not only were written topics deleted from forums like /r/bitcoin, but also memes that didn’t fit a moderator’s agenda. Dustin explains that he’s designated a few pieces on his website to this topic of conversation, and they can be searched by typing the word “censor.”

“It’s very discouraging because its imbalance of the amount of information the community has because of the censorship that they don’t know about everything that has been censored,” he said. 

The host of the World Crypto Network’s Transmission continued the discussion with’s creator while scrolling through quite a bit of Bitcoin artwork. A lot of people have expressed their opinions through visuals over the past year, and Dustin has done the difficult job of compiling these graphics together on one website. Artists such as,, Brave The World, and Cryptograffiti grace the pages of his website.

Check out the video to get an inside glimpse of how he’s arranged the website and the many opinions revolving around these visuals. Until next time. Meet us right here at for another World Crypto Network discussion or price analysis.

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