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Don't Expect to See Kim Dotcom's Bitcoin Babies Until Later this Year

As previously reported, a good portion of the cryptocurrency community has been focused lately on the tweets of Kim Dotcom. On the anniversary of authorities seizing Megaupload, Dotcom told the public he had an announcement about his new Megaupload and Bitcache project. A few days later Dotcom revealed there would be a significant delay.

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Kim Dotcom Announcement Delayed

Don't Expect to See Kim Dotcom's Bitcoin-Babies Until Later this YearThe infamous Kim Dotcom has always been an international man of mystery. This past summer the Megaupload creator revealed Bitcoin would be an integral part of his new Mega 2.0 project (MU2). The platform, Bitcache, was also revealed as a part of the new Mega-project, which would link every file transfer “to a tiny Bitcoin microtransaction.”

Dotcom detailed: “I can tell you that Megaupload and Bitcoin had sex. There is a pregnancy, and I have a feeling that the baby will be such a joy.”

The project raised funds using the Banktothefuture investment platform. Investors were given explanations to some of the technical questions asked by the crypto-community, such as why Bitcache would operate off-chain. “As you all know the Bitcoin blockchain currently has limitations to the number of transactions that it can handle,” Dotcom remarked.

This past week Dotcom once again told the world he had an exciting announcement concerning MU2 and Bitcache. But then a couple of hours later Dotcom was tweeting to his followers that the announcement would not happen that day.

“It is unlikely that we can make a full January 20th launch happen. The fund-raising was delayed, and the legal team needed more time for the new setup. But we will reveal more details about Megaupload 2 and Bitcache on that special day,” Dotcom announced.

Megaupload 2.0 and Bitcache Launch Pushed Off Until ‘Later this Year’

Don't Expect to See Kim Dotcom's Bitcoin-Babies Until Later this YearOn January 23rd the reasons why the MU2 launch announcement never happened were revealed. It seems the Bitcache board members had a disagreement with a publicly listed Canadian firm over an exchange merger deal. “The Bitcache board has decided that the complexities of the proposed merger would be unnecessary burdens in this early stage of growth,” the project’s announcement reads. “We are looking forward to a beta launch of Megaupload 2.0 and Bitcache later this year.”

As the news of the delayed launch reached the ears of the public, many people were quite dismayed by the negative announcement. One commenter writes, “screw that. Bitcache is the most valuable piece of internet property out there, either good terms or no terms.” Other people thought the delay announcement was quite amusing and said, “Later this year, LOL!”

Overall, many people were disappointed to hear the news and asked Dotcom when they could expect the project to be released.

The Public Patiently Awaits Kim Dotcom’s Bitcoin Babies

Over the course of the past few days, Kim Dotcom has kept tweeting about his beloved projects. When questioned about development Dotcom states, “Remember it only took two developers and one designer to build Mega in six months. We now have twelve people working on MU2 and Bitcache, and we’re adding more.” Additionally, he explains that the first Mega experienced many roadblocks and “MU2 is going smooth in comparison.”

Investors and spectators will just have to wait for the ‘Mega-Bitcoin baby’ to be born. For now, it’s still gestating in the womb.

What do you think about Kim Dotcom’s projects MU2 and Bitcache being delayed? Let us know in the comments below.

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