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How to Disrupt Everything: the Largest Blockchain Conference Coming to Amsterdam

This summer on July 10 & 11, Keynote Events will host the “How to Disrupt Everything” blockchain event in Amsterdam. Famous for creating The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, and the World Blockchain Forum, Keynote Events makes Amsterdam the home for its latest conference series. The two-day conference in the Netherlands will focus on the emerging digital currency and blockchain economy that is disrupting traditional systems around the world.

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How to Disrupt Everything

On July 10th – 11th, 2017 at the gorgeous De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam the How to Disrupt Everything conference will be an inspiring environment focused on innovative blockchain technologies. The event aims to provoke thought leadership and networking for veterans and novices just learning about the benefits of blockchain protocols.

How to Disrupt Everything: the Largest Blockchain Conference Coming to Amsterdam

Furthermore, a variety of industry luminaries will speak to an audience of over 500 guests and 150 university students covering a broad range of topics such as decentralized applications, regulation, academic research and so much more. Past speakers include Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), John McAfee (MGTI), Vinny Lingham (Gyft), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Charlie Shrem, Jeffrey Tucker, Patrick Byrne (Overstock), and many more.

Keynote Events CEO and the How to Disrupt Everything conference organizer Moe Levin is thrilled to host the blockchain conference in Amsterdam this summer.

“As the blockchain industry presents new use cases to tackle problems and disrupt industries, it’s as an exciting time as ever to bring the community together,” explains Levin. “We look forward to bringing the brightest minds in blockchain together with newcomers to explore strategies for applying these technologies.”

Focus on Recruitment and the Next Generation

How to Disrupt Everything: the Largest Blockchain Conference Coming to Amsterdam
Moe Levin, Keynote Events CEO and ‘How to Disrupt Everything’ organizer.

In addition to the numerous speakers attending, the How to Disrupt Everything event will also provide recruiting opportunities for Blockchain Education Network (BEN) members pairing them up with innovative tech startups looking to hire.

BEN members are students and academic professionals involved with researching and teaching Bitcoin and blockchain protocols. How to Disrupt Everything plans to help facilitate networking and connections between the brightest college minds and up and coming companies within the blockchain space. Student involvement can be broken down into three parts; CV Compilation, a recruitment hall, and speed recruiting sessions as well.

“Students have a great capacity to think outside the status quo and explore paradigm shifts,” Levin adds, who also is a member of BEN’s advisory board.

Young Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts understand that we aren’t restricted to traditional methods for managing trust, and their skills and inquisitiveness will be an invaluable asset to the blockchain industry’s future growth.

An Invigorating Experience for Those Interested In Disruptive Technologies

In addition to the blockchain recruitment section of the How to Disrupt Everything conference, the event will have a large exhibition hall. The space will be filled with promising blockchain startups, showcase innovative applications, and allow attendees to interact with supporting sponsors. Keynote Events believes the How to Disrupt Everything event at the beautiful Kromhouthal will be an invigorating experience for those interested in disruptive technologies — and maybe even score a new job.

“With 500 attendees, including 150 students, there is great opportunity to network, delve deeper into new technologies, and even find your next rock star employee,” adds the conference organizers.

Tickets to the How to Disrupt Everything event can be found here with early bird discounts for those who book early.

Will you be attending the ‘How to Disrupt Everything’ conference in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images via Keynote Events, and De Kromhouthal.

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