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Danish Billionaire Renames the Rungsted Capital Ice Rink to 'Bitcoin Arena'

According to a few regional news outlets, a Danish bitcoin billionaire and the co-owner of the Rungsted Seier Capital ice rink, Niklas Nikolajsen, plans to change the name of his skating hall and call it the “Bitcoin Arena.” In addition to this news, one of the professional hockey players who plays in the arena has opted to get his salary paid in bitcoin.

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Saxo Bank Ice Skating Rink In Rungsted Will Soon Be Called the ‘Bitcoin Arena’

Danish Billionaire Renames the Rungsted Capital Ice Rink to 'Bitcoin Arena'
Bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nikolajsen.

Soon there will be a professional hockey arena and ice skating rink in Hørsholm that features bitcoin advertisements, bitcoin hockey pucks, and a bitcoin symbol etched under the skating hall’s ice. The changes to the Rungsted Seier Capital hockey club are being made by its co-owner Niklas Nikolajsen who also runs the trading platform Bitcoin Suisse. The ice rink’s name will change from “Saxo Bank” to the “Bitcoin Arena” according to reports. The sponsorship deal includes an unknown “seven-digit amount” Danish news outlets reveal.    

“It shows how far bitcoin has really come,” explains Niklas Nikolajsen. “It is quite interesting that when the classic banks move out, we move in.”

And I’m going to pull on a smile when I hear the sports commentators, every time they switch over to a match in Rungsted, they have to switch to the Bitcoin Arena. It’s funny, and it’s clear that it’s a little nasty thing.

A Nine Meter Bitcoin Symbol In the Center of the Rink and a Top Player Paid In Bitcoin  

The changes are expected to take place on December 27 when Nikolajsen and his partner Lars Seier Christensen cut the Bitcoin Arena’s ribbon on opening day. The bitcoin symbol will be in the center of the skating rink and will stretch 9 meters in length. Alongside the new sponsorship deal, one of the leading players from the Rungsted team will be paid in bitcoin.

Danish Billionaire Renames the Rungsted Capital Ice Rink to 'Bitcoin Arena'
Nikolaj Rosenthal is a professional Rungsted hockey player who will be paid in bitcoin. 

Nikolaj Rosenthal is a full-time hockey player who has been under contract for four years. Rosenthal has agreed to get his pay issued by Nikolajsen’s Bitcoin Suisse payment processor. So far Rosenthal is the only player that has opted to be paid in BTC, but he believes other players will also agree to this type of salary in the future.

“I can imagine that they would,” says Rosenthal. “It’s really exciting to be allowed to be a pioneer with this.”

What do you think about the Rungsted hockey rink changing its name to Bitcoin Arena? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, Rungsted Seier Capital hockey club, and Bitcoin Suisse.

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