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Cryptocurrency exchange Bter offline, rumors begin to circulate (updated)

It’s not uncommon for a bitcoin exchange to go offline with short notice, or no notice, in order to repair hardware or fix an urgent issue.

Typically when this happens, exchanges can be down for an hour or two, and usually there is communication to the public, either via social media or blog posts that there is an outage and it’s being addressed. But when a bitcoin exchange goes offline completely, and has been for several hours with zero communication, people begin to scratch their hands.

When the exchange is Bter, who has a past history of being hacked and losing $1.75 million, people really begin to worry. To make matters even worse, the recent amount of hacks and DDoS/extortion attempts on bitcoin exchanges has everyone on edge.

What’s going on?

Bter, which is a Chinese based bitcoin and altcoin exchange, has been offline for at least six hours, or more. Their website is completely down, and in checking several social media outlets and blogs, both in English and Chinese, there is no word from Bter on the issue.

The first report that I can find which is from six hours ago runs with the speculative headline “ again is down probably hacked.” Others in the thread have confirmed it is down as well. On BitcoinTalk others have commented that it’s down too. If you check the outage service website, they also have posted confirmation that site has been offline. On Twitter, there is no information to be found and on Chinese forums Weibo and there is zero news.

At this time this story is still developing, but given the past history of this exchange and the extremely long downtime with no communication, the outlook isn’t looking good at this point. Thinking positively, it could just an outage which the exchange is working on, and will have up shortly.

This article will be updated once more information becomes available. If you have more information, leave a comment below.

Update: In a tweet from Bter posted below, they are saying they are experiencing DNS issues for users trying to access the site outside of China, and are working with their provider on a fix. More to come.

Last Update: Bter posted that they have fixed the DNS issues. We have confirmed the site is back up and running too.

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