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Crackle Previews Bitcoin-Inspired 'Startup' TV Series

Crackle Previews Bitcoin-Inspired 'Startup' TV Series

Crackle has announced a new original tv show based on GenCoin, which would mirror how Bitcoin works. Whether “Startup” as the show is called will be a success remains to be seen, but is it good news for Bitcoin?

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Startup, GenCoin & Bitcoin Implications

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A tv show that revolves around digital currency is quite an interesting move by Crackle, although the subject has been touched upon by various tv show episodes in the past. Regardless of how people may feel about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, there is no denying it is becoming a trend, and it will not go away anytime soon.

One thing people have to keep in mind, however, is how this show is not about Bitcoin, but rather about a clone called GenCoin. Moreover, the Startup show on Crackle refers to this monetary unit as a digital currency, rather than a cryptocurrency. These are entirely different things, although it may matter very little to the general viewer.

The future of the Startup show on Crackle remains unclear, as the choice to go all-in on a show revolving around a Bitcoin-inspired currency is quite ambitious. Given the high-quality standard Netflix has been putting out with the original shows as of late, Crackle has a lot to live up to these days. However, they have a decent cast for Startup – including Adam Brody and Martin Freeman – which should bring more legitimacy to this project. A total of 10 episodes have been ordered by the streaming service, but no air date has been revealed yet. 

Judging by the trailer, Startup could be an exciting show to keep an eye on. Although many Bitcoin users may feel a mixture of disappointment and anger towards Crackle for using GenCoin – an apparent Bitcoin clone – the show may turn out better than expected. Keeping in mind how Bitcoin is far from a cult hit with global audiences, it might be the better choice to use a different monetary unit.


One interesting line from the Startup trailer stands out, though, as one of the actors mention how “this is the future, not just for crime, but also e-commerce.” Bitcoin has more often than not been associated with criminal activity, although there are plenty of legitimate use cases for Bitcoin in the e-commerce sector.

Until the show airs, it is hard to gauge how Crackle will attempt to portray the world of alternative finance. Startup can either describe Bitcoin correctly or completely miss the point. Depending on whom one asks the question to, the latter option seems far more likely. But people should at least give it a try, before putting it on the stake to burn.


What are your thoughts on Startup and GenCoin on Crackle? Will you give the show a fair try before judging it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Motherboard Vice

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