Coinigy Brings New Trading Tools To Vaultoro Users


Coinigy Brings New Trading Tools to Vaultoro Users

Vaultoro has announced that it will introduce a way for consumers to trade intermittently between Bitcoin and gold through a partnership with Coinigy.

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Coinigy And Vaultoro Join Forces

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People active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency have likely heard of Coinigy before, as this trading platform is well-known for its varied offerings. This trading platform supports over 45 different Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges all over the world and offers more than 2,600 markets.

Integrating Vaultoro into the Coinigy platform is a big step forward for both companies. Coinigy can now offer Bitcoin enthusiasts and traders a way to access gold with relative ease, whereas Vaultoro customers can expand their portfolios across different exchange platforms. 

This partnership also offers a series of professional trading tools to existing and new Vaultoro users. While most of these tools are aimed towards experienced traders, there are ways to get acquainted with these tools as well. The Technical Analysis feature offered by Coinigy could prove to go a long way, as it provides insights into the trading charts.

Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala shared his excitement:

“I really think it’s fantastic that bitcoiners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in general can trade with professional trading tools and all without banks and brokers!”

Other than these new trading tools, the primary goal of this partnership between Vaultoro and Coinigy is to introduce new trading features as well. Stop limit orders and trading alerts can both be invaluable tools, for both experienced and novice traders. Moreover, Vaultoro users will be able to manage their portfolio through the future Coinigy mobile application for Android.

Easy Account Set Up And Learning Center

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Setting up an existing Vaultoro account is quite easy, once the user has registered with the Coinigy platform. API keys will have to be connected, which then give the user a chance to trade directly on the chart through the Vaultoro account. Additionally, the integration will provide users access to applications such as ArbMatrix and Google Sheets.

Even more casual traders want to get the most bang for their buck when dealing with trades, regardless of whether they stick to the Vaultoro trading markets or explore other options. Seeing price trends is an integral part of achieving that goal, and Coinigy is one of the market leaders in providing the necessary tools to do so.

Speaking of more casual traders, Coinigy offers a dedicated learning center and knowledge base to get people acquainted with more advanced trading tools. For those users who prefer more of an audiovisual guiding process, there are various videos on how to get started and what the trading tools and trends mean.

What are your thoughts on the partnership between Coinigy and Vaultoro? How will this affect both platforms? Let us know in the comments below!.

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