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Coinbase launches the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX)

Coinbase just officially launched the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX).

A few days ago Coinbase said that they are going to be re-branding their exchange from the Coinbase exchange to GDAX to accommodate not just bitcoin currency trading, but also alternative currency trading. The exchange has launched with ethereum as the first alternate coin on the new platform.

Introducing GDAX

GDAX is the new home for Coinbase’s exchange trading platform. Coinbase has added Ether trading via the ETH/BTC and ETH/USD pairs. If you are trying to access the exchange and already have a Coinbase account, you can just login to the GDAX exchange using your existing Coinbase credentials.

Once viewing the new exchange, it will look just like the old Coinbase exchange, but now with ethereum trading pairs. For example, here is the order book for ETH/USD trading pair, which at this time is a slim order book since it just opened for trading.

The new exchange platform has all the same features as the previous site. If you go to, you will be redirected to the new exchange site.

On the official Coinbase blog, they wrote about the launch of GDAX:

We believe Ethereum marks an inflection point for the industry. Ethereum’s advanced scripting language enables new developments such as self-executing contracts, decentralized funding models, and autonomous governance structures. As Ethereum develops, we are excited by its growth and potential to drive innovation.

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You can learn more about the new exchange by also visiting the support site, The new exchange also has moved it’s documentation to'
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