Chinese exchange and mining company BTCC launches titanium physical bitcoin series

Chinese bitcoin company BTCC (formerly BTC China) launched a new titanium physical bitcoin series called BTCC Mint.

The coins are collectible physical coins with bitcoins attached to them through a tamper-evident hologram sticker with a bitcoin private key underneath them; the holograms are impossible to counterfeit.

BTCC is one of the oldest longest running bitcoin exchanges in China, which also has a bitcoin mining operation which is being used to fund the newly minted coins. The bitcoin attached to each titanium coin is newly minted and has never been in circulation before.

Physical bitcoins became popular in 2011 when first started with Casascius coins, which later shut down due in 2013 due to being an unregistered money transmitter. Physical bitcoins have seen a rise in popularity again recently, with the introduction of the Satori coin, Denarium coin, and the Kialara art piece.

Video: See how the new BTCC coin is made

You can purchase the coins in the online BTCC store. They ship to all countries except the U.S. because of U.S. regulations.

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