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Chilean bitcoin exchange Yaykuy hacked, services taken offline

Another bitcoin exchange seems to have been hacked; which appears to be a disturbing trend these days in the world of bitcoin.

The victim this time is Chilean bitcoin exchange Yaykuy, based in Santiago. The exchange, which is more of a brokerage, just like how Coinbase started out, allows users to buy and sell bitcoins via their web service. The exchange focuses on and serves the Chilean community.

In a message they posted to their exchange home page, they posted an update saying that their exchange has been hacked and that they are working on fixing their security holes as soon as possible. It’s not clear yet exactly what data was compromised yet or if any bitcoins were stolen as part of the hack. However, the exchange service is completely offline at this time.

Here is the roughly translated message from their website,

We have to tell you that we violated and we are reviewing the extent of the attack, for all the holes in our security to cover them as soon as possible. We hope to learn from this experience, as we wash our wounds, we think that you can always get something positive, so we hope to return soon with improvements in our platform.

Ah! In addition we assure you that this attack was to our accounts, in any case any data of our users was compromised.

Any novelty, we will be commenting on our social networks.

Fortunately for Chilean users, there is another Chilean exchange SurBTC which allows users to purchase bitcoin with the Chilean Peso (CLP). Unfortunately, the full extent of the hack isn’t known yet and anyone that used Yaykuy may have had sensitive data compromised or funds lost as part of the attack.

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