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Charlie Shrem Hosts AMA Sessions Through Federal Prison Email System

Charlie Shrem, one of Bitcoin’s cult figures, is currently residing in federal prison for operating a business without applying for a proper money transmitting license, money laundering conspiracy and failing to report suspicious activities to banking authorities. But Charlie Shrem is also one of the first people to get involved with Bitcoin on a business level, as he founded the once popular platform BitInstant. Even federal prison can not keep Charlie Shrem from doing an AMA with the Bitcoin community, which will be of particular interest to a very large audience.

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AMA With Charlie Shrem Through Federal Prison Email SystemBitcoin.com_Charlie Shrem

Most people residing in federal prison have limited to no access to the Internet, as they could use it to communicate to the outside world in an illegitimate manner. That being said, US federal prisons do have an email service available to inmates, albeit there are some restrictions on how it can be used.

Any incoming or outgoing email sent through the federal prison email system is delayed by 90 minutes, disabling any form of real-time communication with the outside world. But that isn’t keeping Charlie Shrem from keeping in touch with the Bitcoin community he values and cherishes so much though.

In fact, Charlie is planning to do an AMA over this federal prison email system, despite the lengthy delay to respond to incoming questions. Every weekday, between 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM EST, Charlie Shrem will have access to a computer connected to the email system, and answer as many questions as he possibly can.

No topic is too difficult or too troubled to ask, as this is an “Ask Me Anything” type of recurring event. One of the most oftenly asked questions will undoubtedly be how Charlie is being treated in Bitcoin, a matter near and dear to most of the Bitcoin community. Any and all questions are more than welcome, and Charlie will do his best to reply to every single one in a timely manner [despite the minimum 3-hour delay for every single message].

All of the communication taking place over the federal prison email system is closely monitored by government officials, which could result in some questions being more difficult to answer than others. Furthermore, Charlie Shrem will be answering the questions by himself, and replies will be posted on the forum.

It will be interesting to see how long the federal prison warden and US government officials will allow these sessions to continue. This type of leniency does not occur all that often, and it should be seen as a major milestone in Bitcoin history to have Charlie Shrem being able to answer community questions, albeit indirectly.

All of the questions being submitted to Charlie Shrem can be posted on the brand new forum, which is the same place where the original AMA announcement was posted a little while ago. If you have not registered yet, it is a perfect time to do so.
Click here to register.

Are you going to ask Charlie Shrem a question through these AMA sessions? Why (not)? Let us know in the comments below!

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