Denmark’s CCEDK to Cease Trading, Reopen as Finance Incubator


Denmark’s CCEDK to Cease Trading, Reopen as Finance Incubator

Pioneering Danish Bitcoin exchange CCEDK is to close down and reopen as a financial gateway for OpenLedger, its creator has announced.

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CCEDK Out, OpenLedger In

ccedkRonny Boesing, who started the exchange in 2014, released the news to users in a statement Friday.

“The current trading engine will cease operating for good… When the exchange re-opens on 1 July, CCEDK will serve as a portal for OpenLedger and as an investment knowledge hub for the Decentralized Conglomerate, which currently includes Openledger, Obits, BitTeaser and other blockchain-based projects,” the news reads.

Users will be able to withdraw funds from CCEDK upon request following the closure with no time limit set for this to be done.
The focus on OpenLedger will see CCEDK in its new guise principally focused on funding for businesses. New facilities will be introduced: “escrow, crowdfunding, marketing and issuance of assets on behalf of interested parties,” the statement explains.

openledger-logo-2-300x249CCEDK will also be used to sell ICO packages to businesses, helping generate revenue in what has become an increasingly competitive arena in cryptocurrency.

OpenLedger already functions as a multi-currency gateway with several unique features, leading Boesing to believe the future of his projects lie with OpenLedger at the center.

“For months it has been clear that CCEDK was far behind in attracting news users let alone creating daily volumes enough to cover the basic costs,” he told in emailed comments.

“We have realized that our resources could be used in a much more effective and profitable way by doing a rebrand of CCEDK […:] a facilitator of new services and assets combined with the creation of gateways to OpenLedger of both crypto currencies and fiat.”

Changing Habits

Boesing reports that while activity at CCEDK from a user perspective has remained stagnant, OpenLedger continues to gain momentum and a customer base, reflecting the promise of the local ecosystem. He explained:

It has been the time to cut the lifeline on one project and give new and more intense life to others such as OpenLedger, a platform with so much added functionality and features in future that only the sky is the limit to what we feel we will be able to create of new and exciting things for everyone in the entire world to enjoy.”

May 20 also sees the launch of ICOO, an asset dedicated to letting users buy into ICOs with prelaunch, which they can then begin to trade on OpenLedger.

“ICOO funds will be distributed across several other key projects, aside from team funding: BitTeaser advertising network, Obits-based blogging network, the DGD gold asset, the Cadastral land contract asset, as well as a reserve buffer and implementation budget,” the CCEDK statement adds.

What do you think about the reshuffle and the potential for the rebranded offerings for OpenLedger? Get involved in the comments below!

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