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Caribbean bitcoin exchange Bitt partners with NetCents to utelize payment gateway

Bitt is the first bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform serving the Caribbean region. They also were the first to launch a blockchain-based version of the Barbadian dollar to appeal to underbanked users in its home country.

In its latest update, the exchange has partnered with Canadian bitcoin exchange and payment services provider NetCents.

This new partnership between the two companies aims to bring new opportunities on both ends. Bitt plans to utelize NetCents’ payment gateway, and NetCents will now be able to offer their payment gateway clients more currency options.

In a statement made from NetCents CEO Clayton Moore about the partnership, he said,

“This is a milestone for the Company and a great example of how two likeminded and innovative companies mutually benefit from working together. Bitt.com will be the first exchange to accept and offer NetCents, utilizing our newly updated payment gateway. We are thrilled to continue offering easy and streamlined services to our users. Like NetCents, Bitt.com believes that its innovative financial technology provides consumers a faster, more efficient, and traceable way of banking. As we continue to expand our reach to customers, both domestically and globally, we want to remain at the forefront of modern financial solutions with our cutting-edge technology and dynamic payments platform. This partnership reflects that.”

NetCents issued a press release last week announcing another partnership with Bitstamp with the goal to open up their platform to the European market which will give their users even more access to digital currencies.

In April, Bitt announced a historic investment partnership when it closed its Series A investment round with a staggered investment from retail giant Overstock.com of $16 million USD, placing the company’s valuation at $50 million USD.

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