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Global Cannabis Seed Banks Are Accepting Bitcoin

“What has really struck us is the way the global cannabis community has banded together using the power of the internet,” says a Royal Queen Seeds representative who prefers to simply go by Alex. “Before, people had to rely on friends, local growers, and trial-and-error to learn and grow. The internet has created a platform for everyone to share techniques and ideas, as well as easily obtain new genetics to try out.” 

The company’s mission has always been to bring an eclectic mix of cannabis genetics to growers across the world. The internet and Bitcoin has allowed the company to reach a much wider audience.

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“Bitcoin allows our customers to pay with a digital currency not tied to any one country,” Alex explained. “It provides a safe and secure alternative payment method that has proven immensely popular, especially by those concerned about privacy. Once set up, bitcoins are extremely easy to use, and it has become the preferred choice of payment for many of our customers.”

Cannabis seed websites have been around for many years. Royal Queen Seeds came online around April 20, 2008.

A ‘Labor of Love and Passion’

Founded in the Netherlands, the company launched its own line of cannabis seeds after years in the business. It has gone on to produce many Highlight Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup award winners, including classic strains like White Widow, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Light and Amnesia Haze.

“Starting up the Royal Queen Seeds website was a labor of love and passion – as cheesy as it sounds,” says Alex.

Global Cannabis Seed Banks Accept Bitcoin

After years in the business, Royal Queen Seeds has seen cannabis become more widely accepted by the general population, especially in Spain.

“It is leading to changes in cannabis laws, as evidence and reason overtake fear-mongering,” Alex said. “This has shaped the industry in so many ways. It is still early days, but the industry has become a lot more accessible – with people moving away from buying off the black market to growing their own supply in their backyard. This makes things safer and more prosperous for everyone.”

Royal Queen Seeds has recently started selling seeds in Canada and plans to begin selling in the United States directly to consumers, as well.

‘Genetic Experimentation Like Never Before’

“Things are moving forward with legalization movements making progress across the world,” he told “It has spurred on genetic experimentation like never before in cannabis.”

Royal Queen Seeds have recently produced two all-new CBD focused auto-flowering cannabis strains, Stress Killer Automatic and Fast Eddy Automatic. What does this mean?

“Those who want to create their own crop of CBD-rich bud don’t need to be pro-growers,” he said. “They can plant a seed or two in their back garden and get a personal harvest of CBD-rich weed, growing multiple crops a year.” Royal Queen Seeds is not the only seed bank accepting digital currency. 

The UK-based Attitude Seed Bank accepts bitcoin and has become known for its giveaways to bitcoiners. only accepts cryptocurrencies (such as Dash, Litecoin and Potcoin), with similar offerings as the seed banks above.

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