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Blockstack Launches Decentralized Applications Store

The project that’s building a network for decentralized applications layer for the internet, Blockstack, has announced the launch of a new universal Dapp (decentralized application) store called The aggregated list of roughly 138 ecosystem-wide applications that offer utility by harnessing the benefits of decentralized technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, IPFS, Zeronet, and more.

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Blockstack Launches Decentralized Applications Store One thing is for sure the internet is heading more and more towards a decentralized path every day. The team over at Blockstack project aims to make this technological trend and advancement flourish with their own systems and collaborating with other Dapps. This week Blockstack released its Dapp store called which features a bunch of platforms tethered to the decentralized ecosystem.

“Whether you are downloading Metamask to use an Ethereum dapp, or logging in with a Blockstack ID and granting a dapp access to your encrypted data storage hub, inherent to all these dapps is the true ownership of your data,” explains Blockstack.

Dapps link developers and users directly, without middlemen hosting software or managing user data — We believe it is critical to drive everyday users to dapps that are ready for widespread adoption — That’s why we’re announcing the first ecosystem-wide, universal Dapp store.

Blockstack Launches Decentralized Applications Store

Currently, Blockstack’s List Has 138 Dapps

The Blockstack Dapp store shows a wide variety of applications that do things like decentralized instant messaging, social media, developer tools, games, marketplaces, exchanges, and more. Dapps included in the store are Kyber, Yours, Ethlend, Cryptokitties, Peepeth, Stealthy, Steemit, Openbazaar and many more platforms.

Blockstack Launches Decentralized Applications Store

There are 138 Dapps on the store at the time of publication and creators can submit their platforms for review to get on the webpage. Decentralized networks used by some of the applications include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Steem, Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS), Matrix, Bittorent, and others. Additionally, in the future, Blockstack hopes the Dapp store will be as decentralized as the apps it hosts. The New York-based company states:  

Blockstack Public Benefit Corporation is curating and maintaining this Dapp store initially, but eventually we plan to include user ratings to rank dapps across the ecosystem — We want to democratize dapp development, and reward developers for great user experiences.

“Decentralized apps represent the many doors people can walk through to enter the decentralized Internet. Each user may be enticed by different doors, depending on what they’re interested in or what they need fulfilled,” explain the Blockstack founders Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea.

What do you think about the Blockstack Dapp store? Let us know what you think about the store in the comments below.

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