Bitso launches new API library for iOS

Bitcoin is constantly growing, as seen in this transaction chart which shows the number of bitcoin transaction per day. Usage is up across the board, the price of bitcoin has been growing recently too. As expansion happens it attracts more developers to build apps and tool sets around it.

With Apple iOS being the premium place to build and deploy your mobile apps, it’s no surprise that the bitcoin exchange Bitso has launched their very own iOS SDK library.

The Mexican based bitcoin startup raised over $1.8 million in venture capital in April with different goals in mind. One of them being to try to tackle the remittance market, which in Mexico is a $24 billion a year industry. It’s clear they are also going to be building out their infrastructure and adding open source tools so that developers can use their data making them a valuable resource to the community.

The new iOS SDK library takes full advantage of their exchange, allowing developers to tap into their platform with public API endpoints for their exchange ticker, transaction data, and order book.

They have also created private API endpoints to get balance information, user transaction details, open orders, buy and sell orders, and more. Developers that want to access the private endpoints will need to sign up for API keys to gain access.

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