Bitcoinec Launches Bitcoin Fund for Equador Earthquake Victims


Bitcoinec Launches Bitcoin Relief Fund for Equador Earthquake Victims

Disaster can strike us all at any given moment, and the folks living on the coast of Ecuador has been on the receiving end of a massive earthquake. Bitcoinec is raising Bitcoin donations to help the victims and their families.

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Bitcoinec Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoinec Ecuador Earthquake Bitcoin Relief Fund

It is always positive to see Bitcoin community members rally together for a good cause. Even though the good cause in this story comes after a tragedy hit the coastal area of Ecuador, Bitcoinec is providing light at the end of the tunnel for all affected victims and their families.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake is nothing to sneeze at, as the event caused a wake of destruction along the coastline of Ecuador. Several hundred people have been killed, and thousands were injured when the quake happened. But in the end, the full scope of devastation goes beyond these numbers, as several hundreds of thousands are in need of help and financial aid.

Bitcoinec has come up with a plan to raise awareness about their internet campaign. By combining the power of social media with the helping out of various Bitcoin media outlets, news will be spread among the global community. Help is needed direly, and the more people can be reached with this campaign, the better the chance to come up with the right type of aid for the earthquake victims.

Through the Bitcoinec initiative Bitcoin will enable 100% of the donations to go directly to those affected. Although the first few days of relief support are always critical, the devastation caused requires months, if not years, of rebuilding and relief. Any bitcoin donation is more than welcome, regardless of when it is made.

Francisco Guarderas, the creator of Bitcoinec, told us the following:

I want people to feel safe donating, knowing that the funds will be used entirely to help the victims. I have set up a multisig Bitcoin wallet in CoPay using strong passwords, where I only hold one of the keys, and give the other two to well known members of the Bitcoin community in who we trust.

All of the donations will be subject to complete transparency, and the Bitcoinec website will keep a detailed log on how funds are being spent over the coming months and years. At the time of writing, just over 0.01 Bitcoin has been raised, but with the help of the global Bitcoin community, that number will go up in the near future. All of the Bitcoin donations will be converted to USD and donated to the victims.

More information can be found on the Bitcoinec website.

Will you be donating to the victims of the Ecuador earthquake? Let us know in the comments below, and please help us spread the word regarding the Bitcoinec campaign!


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