Bitcoin Goes UK Chic, Juliettes Interiors First Luxury Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency

Juliettes Interiors, a London-based luxury retailer in the United Kingdom (UK), announced it will accept the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Juliette Thomas, the company’s founder and Director, forecasts, “I realise we stand alone in our sector at the moment but, within 18 months, I think [bitcoin] will be a part of everyday life.”

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Juliettes Interiors’ White Louis Reproduction Two Door Armoire with Lacquer Finish is Yours for Roughly One Bitcoin

Bitcoin Goes UK Chic, Juliettes Interiors First Luxury Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency

“The world around us doesn’t stand still and,” Ms. Thomas blogged, “as a company, we must always be ahead of the game.” The company’s game is multi-fold, including property development, but is basically centered on interior design and furniture.

“We have been looking at digital currencies for some time now,” she continued, “and we know that many of our clients are serious Bitcoin investors.”

As has been well-documented at, bitcoin has increased in value many hundreds of percentages and is again testing, at the time of this writing, the 6000 USD area. Once thought to be a technical subculture, bitcoin has been making some people very, very wealthy.

“Bitcoin has a growing user base around the world but,” Ms. Thomas explained, “until now, our customers have been unable to use it to purchase ultra-high-end, luxury furniture and interior design. We believe [bitcoin] offers our UK and international customers a real choice, and payments are quick, easy and hassle-free.”

Bitcoin Goes UK Chic, Juliettes Interiors First Luxury Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency
Italian High End Designer Vertical Modular Gold Chandelier will set you back a little over two bitcoin.

High-End Trend

The company’s press release details how “London is leading the way in the UK’s Bitcoin revolution, with 17 Bitcoin ATMs and around 70 retailers now accepting the digital currency. And it’s not just the big multi-nationals getting in on the act. Small and medium businesses are also making the switch, with more joining the BTC wave daily. Now you can also furnish your mansion from top to bottom with some of the world’s finest, most luxurious furniture.”

Founded in 2005, the company has a showroom in the very exclusive King’s Road part of Chelsea. However, they “are able to work [with bitcoiners] across the spectrum – from architects and property developers wishing to furnish a property for sale to yield the maximum, to nobility and royalty demanding only the best,” they insist.

Though Juliettes Interiors is the first luxury retailer in the UK bitcoin space, it is not the first luxury service by any means.

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Bitcoin Goes UK Chic, Juliettes Interiors First Luxury Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency

A Notting Hill mansion was put up for sale this month exclusively in bitcoin, asking $23 million USD. Investment company London Wall co-founder, Lev Loginov, purchased it in 2013, “hoping paying for property in bitcoin could be the future,” reported CNBC. “In 10 years from now cryptocurrencies will take over. It will be in wide use just like debit cards and credit cards,” Mr. Loginov said by phone.

There’s even a luxury boutique watch marketplace for bitcoin. Bitdials is “proud to be Europe’s first bitcoin-only online luxury boutique that provides original and unique high-end luxury watches and jewelry to the Bitcoin community,” the company’s website reads. “Our full online collection of watches and jewelry is available for purchase with bitcoin, including watches from Rolex, Breguet, Hublot,” and many others.

And don’t forget Privatefly “now accepts payment in bitcoin via Bitpay,” its press release proclaimed.

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