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Bitcoin exchange and wallet CEOs are participating in the biggest bitcoin AMA event in history

It’s not often you get the chance to ask a CEO of a company anything, but the popularity of “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) events have caught on over the past few years, where C-level execs from companies come to public forums to meet with communities to discuss their company, products, and topics that may not even be related to company business.

AMA events have been a real success, for both companies and communities, as it gives a company a way to engage with their customers and customers one-time special access to talk with decision makers at companies they do business with.

In bitcoin, it’s no different. And coming up in November and December, the largest AMA event in history is going to be happening on the Bitcoin Forum which was recently launched by bitcoin pioneer, investor, and entrepreneur Roger Ver. Hosted on, the bitcoin AMA event is going to include executives from bitcoin exchange and bitcoin wallet companies from all over the world. There are literally too many names to list, but here are just a few to give you an idea of the all-star lineup:

  • Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle
  • Wences Casares, CEO of XAPO
  • Ben Davenport, Co-founder and CTO of BitGo
  • George Basiladze, CEO of Cryptopay
  • Jesse Powell, CEO and Co-founder of Kraken
  • Aaron Voisine, CEO of Breadwallet
  • Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner
  • Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC
  • Nejc Kodric, CEO of Bitstamp
  • Mark Lamb, CEO of Coinfloor
  • Frank Schuil, CEO of Safello
  • Nic Cary, Co-founder of Blockchain
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For the full list, which is still being updated, and for dates and times, please visit the Bitcoin Forum. You will need to register and become a member to participate in the AMA events and ask questions; membership is free.'
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