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This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 million

A rising tide floats all boats and a rising bitcoin inflates all domains. Stocks in graphics card manufacturers and crypto mining companies aren’t the only beneficiaries of the bitcoin bounce: BTC-themed web domains are also hot commodities. Sellers are asking hundreds of thousands of dollars for prime bitcoin domains, with some even priced into the millions.

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Bitcoin Enters the Public Domain

The bitcoin brand has soared in tandem with its market cap, with enterprising vendors cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze. Purveyors of a memorable bitcoin domain will need to dig deep though to claim a desirable URL. While the best bitcoin domains have already been snapped up (you’re looking at one of them), bitcoin.tv is still available for $350,000. Just two weeks ago, it was priced at $275,000, proving that bitcoin’s upward trajectory really does drag everything heavenward with it.

Domain provider Uniregister has a host of bitcoin-based titles available to monied buyers seeking to splash the cash and declare their intent. For aspiring buyers who can’t quite stretch to bitcoin.tv’s $350k price tag, bitcoin.car can be bought for just $2,888.

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 million

Did Someone Say Blockchain?

Blockchain has become one of this year’s buzzwords for better or worse. It should come as no surprise therefore that blockchain-based names are also attracting a high premium. Anyone considering forking out the $2.75 million required to obtain blockchain.us had better have a killer app utilizing bitcoin’s underlying ledger if they’re to recoup their investment.

Disciples of the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, meanwhile, may be tempted to hand over the $8,500 it will take to secure satoshitobitcoin.com. It’s just a shame the URL reads so unfortunately.

Bitcoins Are Scarce, Bitcoin Domains Likewise

Just because a domain is advertised for an exorbitant price doesn’t mean there are going to be any takers. It’s hard to imagine anyone coughing up the $1.5 million required for such dot-coms as cryptocurrencyoffers, cryptocurrencyhacked, or cryptocurrencyvillas.

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 millionBitcoin might command the highest cryptocurrency market cap, but when it comes to domains, it’s the second most valuable coin – ethereum – that is dominating the domain game. Anyone wishing to host their WordPress blog on ethereum.com will need to pay a cool $10 million. While that particular URL has yet to be snapped up, eth.com went for a reported $2 million back in October.

Bitcoin.casino, on the other hand, was sold for a bargain $28,000 in March. Had the seller only hodled, there’s a good chance they could now have flipped that domain for several times its original price. Bitcoin’s still got a long way to go before growing demand causes domains to reach record levels. The highest price ever paid for a web domain was $90 million for Lasvegas.com.

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