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Bitcoin.com Store Now Offers Hundreds of Top-Branded Gift Cards

The Bitcoin.com Store has now partnered with the company Egifter. Thanks to the collaboration, Bitcoin.com Store patrons can purchase an assortment of over 300 top-branded gift cards to stores and restaurants worldwide with bitcoin cash.

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Over 300 Gift Cards for Food, Entertainment, and Top Retail Brands

Last April we re-launched the Bitcoin.com Store, revamping the entire site with the hottest bitcoin merchandise, gear, art, and hardware devices. Ever since, the shop has relentlessly added new items to the store’s vast supply of cryptocurrency-focused products. Now, on Oct. 31, in parallel with the tenth anniversary of Satoshi’s whitepaper, the Bitcoin.com Store has partnered with the gift card service Egifter in order to offer customers a wide variety of gift cards.

Bitcoin.com Store Now Offers Hundreds of Top-Branded Gift Cards

The alliance between Bitcoin.com and Egifter will provide the shop’s visitors with the ability to purchase hundreds of gift cards with bitcoin cash. Essentially, the Egifter Marketplace has been tethered to the Bitcoin.com Store user interface and patrons can simply click the ‘gift cards’ section at the top of the screen. From there, the customer can choose from the assortment of cards and fund them with a specified amount of money. For instance, a customer could choose to purchase a Best Buy gift card in increments of between $5-$2,000. Gift cards available at the shop include popular places like Applebees, American Eagle, Dunkin Donuts, HBO Now, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Uber, Panera Bread, Domino’s and many more brands.

Bitcoin.com Store Now Offers Hundreds of Top-Branded Gift Cards
There’s a wide variety of gift cards to choose from at the Bitcoin.com Store.

After choosing a card and a desired amount of funds, the customer can simply choose another gift card to purchase or checkout. At the checkout section, the Bitcoin.com Store uses Bitpay as a payment processor so the item needs to be purchased with a Bitpay Payment Protocol compatible wallet. Following the purchase, the customer will get a virtual gift card that can be redeemed for food, entertainment and hundreds of retail brands.

Spreading Bitcoin Cash Adoption One Step at a Time

Blake Moore, Bitcoin.com’s ecommerce manager, explained that the partnership with Egifter gives bitcoin cash proponents a new method to spend their coins by adding more merchant accessibility. “Well over 300 cards from the world’s top brands are now available to our valued users which adds a great deal of accessibility,” Moore emphasized.

Bitcoin.com Store Now Offers Hundreds of Top-Branded Gift Cards
The Bitcoin.com Store also has a large assortment of Bitcoin swag that can be purchased alongside the newly added gift cards.

Gift cards are available for purchase today and customers can choose from a range of categories such as food and restaurants, music, movies, entertainment, electronics, sports, travel, and more groups of well-known products and services. Bitcoin.com Store patrons will still be able to purchase hardware wallets, BCH swag, t-shirts, and more gear alongside the awesome redeemable gift cards.

Bitcoin.com is a one-stop destination for all things Bitcoin. Providing our visitors with the ability to spend their BCH on gift cards accepted worldwide is just another example of the many steps our site is taking towards spreading bitcoin cash adoption.

What do you think about the Bitcoin.com Store collaboration with Egifter? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Bitcoin.com Store, Egifter, and Pixabay.

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