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Bitcoin Cash Fund to Help Promote Future r/MillionaireMakers Drawings

Back in early 2015 a Reddit forum was created called r/millionairemakers which is a subreddit that tries to create a millionaire by getting one million Reddit users to donate $1 each and the forum subscribers give the money to a random person in hopes they can create a millionaire. Now the lottery-style forum is allowing bitcoin cash (BCH) donations with Tippr and Chaintip. The forum administrators are also partnering up with the Bitcoin Cash Fund, and the non-profit plans to donate $200 in BCH towards the pot of each draw.

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r/MillionaireMakers Partners With the Bitcoin Cash Fund

Bitcoin Cash Fund to Help Promote Future r/MillionaireMakers DrawingsJust about three years ago some Reddit users on the forum r/showerthoughts proposed a theory: “If a million of us picked a certain Redditor and all donated just $1, we would have the power to make someone a millionaire.” Since that observation was stated back in 2015, a new subreddit was born called r/millionairemakers. Now all the attempts have so far been unsuccessful as far as making a millionaire is concerned, but the forum had made mainstream headlines in publications like Business Insider, and some people have made a few thousand dollars. At one time a few selected winners have won around $12,000 USD and the site grew to gather over 100,000 subscribers.

Just a few days ago the subreddit declared that it would be using BCH tips that stem from tipping platforms like Chaintip and Tippr. Further on the social media platform the community driven non-profit the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) announced a strategic partnership with r/millionairemakers and BCF plans to donate $200 worth of bitcoin cash towards the pot of each draw.  

“The Bitcoin Cash Fund will help promote future drawings, offer programming support, and add $200 in BCH to the pot of each draw to rapidly get this great sub up and running again,” explains BCF’s Yours announcement.

We hope this partnership will allow r/millionairemakers finally make someone a millionaire and drive the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Cash — Let’s all participate in the draws in the coming months.

Bitcoin Cash Fund to Help Promote Future r/MillionaireMakers Drawings

Spreading Bitcoin Cash Awareness

The r/millionairemakers subreddit administrators say that the partnership enables the forum to grow beyond its 100K subscribers. Moreover, the admins explain that they also get to work with talented developers and individuals that can help make the subreddit processes more automated. “This collaboration is directly for the benefit of the winners, this subreddit and to spread awareness of Bitcoin Cash,” emphasizes the Reddit user and r/millionairemakers moderator u/lilfruini.

“As always, the type of donations sent are all determined by the donors. Of course, people are welcome to use tipping bots listed and any others that I have not been made aware of, but other cryptocurrency addresses for donors will continue to be present (at the choice of the winner), such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among more,” u/lilfruini writes. “Additionally, cash transfers will continue to be in use, including Google Wallet, PayPal, and now, Square Cash — The winner is welcome to exclude certain forms of payment themselves in what they accept, should they be chosen.”

What do you think about the partnership between r/millionairemakers and the Bitcoin Cash Fund? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

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