Biggest Bitcoin AMA In History - Ben Davenport and Bruce Fenton


Biggest Bitcoin AMA In History: Ben Davenport and Bruce Fenton

Today is another day in the history of Bitcoin that will help shape the future landscape of this digital currency for quite some time to come. As mentioned before, the largest AMA event in the history of Bitcoin is taking place for a few more weeks, and today will feature BitGo Co-founder Ben Davenport, as well as Bruce Fenton, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

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Ben Davenport, Co-Founder of BitGo

Bitcoin.com_Ben Davenport BitGoThe name BitGo is well-known in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, as this company was the first to introduce new types of security to the scene. Even though solutions such as multi-signature wallets have become the norm these days, BitGo was the company responsible for turning this concept into a viable product for companies and consumers alike.

Living up the moniker of being the “world’s most secure Bitcoin wallet” is not an easy feat. BitGo keeps working hard to bring additional layers of security to the Bitcoin community. Just a few weeks ago, they released a new feature, which allows users to create and set up wallets for their organizations and companies.

In fact, there seems to be an announcement for BitGo just about every week, as their open-source key recovery service was released a week ago. Not only can this service be used to provision backup keys for use with BitGo multi-signature wallets, but it also decreases the burden on the end user while increasing overall wallet security.

Overall, 2015 has been a good year for Bitcoin. Venture capitalist funds have been increasing compared to last year, more and more positive media headlines have appeared, and the overall transaction volume is on the rise. That success translated to BitGo securing $1 billion USD in transactions during Q2 of 2015. Quite an impressive amount, and this could very well be only a glimmer of things to come.

Ben Davenport will be answering any and all questions the Bitcoin community may have. Whether this is regarding BitGo, Bitcoin in general, or anything else, make sure to head on over to the forum and partake in this AMA session later today. It will be interesting to see what kind of questions Ben Davenport will face in a few hours.

Bruce Fenton: The Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director

Bitcoin.com_Bruce Fenton Bitcoin FoundationDespite 2015 being an interesting year for Bitcoin, not all of the news has been overly positive. One of the most shocking announcements came when The Bitcoin Foundation announced their financial peril earlier this year, leading to a change in management. Bruce Fenton is part of the team responsible for determining the future role of the Bitcoin Foundation.

While many Bitcoin community members may want to dwell on the past, and ask Bruce’s opinion on the matters, there is no better opportunity than now to look to the future. Bitcoin is steaming ahead regardless of what happens behind the scenes, and the Bitcoin Foundation can play a key role in bringing digital currency to a mainstream audience, if they play their cards right.

No one is saying that the past should be forgotten completely, as the Bitcoin Foundation’s history is part of Bitcoin’s history. However, a clear call for action and direction is needed, and who better than Bruce Fenton to collect valuable community feedback and answer any and all questions people might have?

Most people feel Bitcoin needs to start establishing a more global presence, rather than focusing on the US and Asia. Europe often gets overlooked, even though there are plenty of opportunities for Bitcoin adoption on that continent. If you have an idea to establish a more balanced presence all over the world, make sure to submit your questions to Bruce Fenton on the forum!


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