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T.J. Weekes is the author of The Free Bitcoin Book.

US Postal Service Mulls ‘Postcoin’ to Revive Business

The U.S. Postal Service has been investigating possible ways to use blockchain technology to provide services to customers more efficiently and improve their bottom line....

Former US Mint Director Brings Bitcoin to Retirement Investing

Bitcoin users can invest their Bitcoin in a fully compliant IRA retirement account through a new service announced today by The Bitcoin IRA...

BitPay Announces Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin merchant services provider BitPay has introduced its latest product offering, a bitcoin-funded Visa debit card. The prepaid bitcoin debit card allows users to...

Jeff Garzik Releases 21 Bitcoin Powered ‘Mechanical Turk’

The 21 Bitcoin computer suffers from a perception problem. Most people hear it has a bitcoin mining chip in it, then proceed to evaluate...

How Restaurants Like Waffle House Could Accept Bitcoin Today

Waffle House
The first Waffle House opened its doors in 1955, five years after Diner's Club issued the world's first multiple merchant credit card. It was...

Blockchain Without Bitcoin: Big Banking Babble

If the blockchain were made of keychains, it would look like this.
There has been a recent change in the mainstream narrative surrounding bitcoin. The message is shifting; what was once a story about get-rich-quick imaginary gold...

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